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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-21

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community is able to learn that well thought out decisions are the best to make. By the end of the lesson they are able to know some of the steps involved in decision making. By the end of the lesson the community is able to know the consequences of drinking alcohol, reasons why they drink alcohol.
Introduction Drinking Alcohol and teenagers taking drugs is one of the common problems in the community. It is a risk behavior parents and even young teenagers fall into. Lorna was here today to exploit this and conversation with the community on reasons why people take alcohol and how it can be a danger to them. Overview It rained so hard all the way from Jinja to the villages and even when Lorna reached the village they had to wait for the rain to stop before she could teach the groups B and C. There fore because of this the meeting started late but it was good that a few members came from the different groups B and C and also those from A were present. At about 1, the meeting started with an opening prayer, the chairman giving a few remarks and then Lorna took over. Lorna started by reviewing the previous lesson because there were members from groups B and C who did not attend this lesson. Lorna asked those from groups A to do the review on behalf of those who were not there. They were able to mention the steps involved in decision making like; Pray, take time out, listen to advice, seek the advice, think of the consequences of that decision among others. Lorna added that everyday of our lives me make decisions from the simple decision like clothes to wear, food to eat to the hard ones like marriage, business to start among others. Lorna mentioned that the most important thing to look at while making a decision is the process. The process matters, what has one put into consideration before coming up with that decision. She gave an example of a girl who gets pregnant and the parent sends her away to marriage because she is pregnant but other things need to be considered like the feelings of the girl, her emotional stability, the care she needs among others. All this should be considered before deciding to send the girl into marriage or Abortion. After this they went to the topic of the day where they looked at Alcohol and drug Abuse. At the meeting place there is a bar right at the trading center and for every visit Lorna has made, there are always people drinking or even still they attend her meeting. Today she wanted to dig deeper into these conversations where she asked the group whether drinking alcohol is good or bad . Some said it’s bad and of course those who drunk told us that there are two types of drunkards those that drink a little and don’t for get their responsibilities and then those that drink and go on fighting , abusing, forgetting their responsibilities among others. In the end they are still drinkers and it is alcohol they are consuming.The next question was why do people take alcohol, they mentioned because of stress, others for relaxation, others because they have a lot of thoughts. At this point Bageya asked so for us” that don’t drink alcohol, we have no thought”. The chairman said no I don’t think they understand having thoughts. The thoughts that don’t give you sleep but after you drink some alcohol then you get to sleep. Others like ; it is advisable by doctors even for purposes of their health. Kadubulis wife said that she has a son who drinks so much and is a local council chairman at a nearby village and has been for the last 5 years or so. When it comes to issues in the village he is so wise despite the fact that he drinks but he doesn’t like eating at all since he has no appetite. Lorna mentioned that this is dangerous and can damage his lungs, kidneys, brain because the body needs food. Lorna mentioned that they will look into this more in the next meeting where she asked them to search about the consequences of drinking alcohol. Conclusion The weather was chilly and not very favorable and also since they started late the lesson was not completed. In the next lesson they will look at this topic in detail looking at the reasons, consequences and some facts concerning taking alcohol and drugs. 
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2020-07-24 - Purpose: Continue with previous lesson and start new lesson on Early pregnancy
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11947 Kadubuli was saying their two types of drinkers those who drink but don’t get drunk and do ugly things and then there is those that drink but do ugly things. Kadubuli loves his bottle .
11950 This man Fred was giving a scenario on Decision making- steps in decision making.