Visit by Roy Mesigwa on 2020-07-17

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Created by
Roy Mwesigwa
Created date
2020-07-21 11:30:24 UTC
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Roy Mesigwa
Modified date
2020-07-21 11:30:24 UTC
Trip Time
10:30-17:45 (7 h 15 m)
Village Time
00:15-15:30 (15 h 15 m)
Travel Time
-8 h 0 m

Administrative Visit

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Purpose of Visit
To renew M.O.U. & pay for permit. 
Visit Report
The day started with a very heavy down pour. Roy arrived at the Dist. shortly after the rains stopped. The Dist. staff showed up very late and the D.C.D.O. came in after the official lunch break. The D.C.D.O. run Roy through the new procedure and Roy paid for both the Permit and Dist. N.G.O. forum. Roy was invited to the District within the following week to check on the progress of the renewal. 
Next Visit
- Purpose: The D.C.D.O. will confirm to Roy that the documents have been worked upon for Roy to go back. On the other hand if there would be a reason to defer the application, the D.C.D.O. would also have to infoem Roy for Kibo to respond.
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