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Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-07-22

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2020-07-23 11:22:41 UTC
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet made a surprise visit to Bukoma village and this was intended to assess the stove usage and the level of sustainability of the healthy and Safe kitchen program after the long time Healthy and Safe kitchen staff had taken with out visiting their village. She reached in the village and started to walk home to home to see whether they still cook on stoves on daily basis or they abandoned them and went back on three stones fire. She found when most people were cooking on their stoves on daily basis and this was evidenced by the absence of three stones in the kitchen meaning that the stoves were being effective. The main challenge that the participants were not taking good care of their stoves; some had developed cracks because the participants were not smearing them frequently. Some kitchen were leaking therefore when it rained it would rain on the stoves. She talked to the participants about smearing their kitchens and stoves and said that they used to smear their facilities only that now days they have been busy in their gardens to an extent of forgetting to smear their facilities. HARRIET told them that ,their stoves have developed cracks because of them not being smeared which may lead to total destruction of the stoves that may force them to go back to open flames with its related challenges.They said that they will spare some time and smear their facilities so that they can last longer. Also participants with leaking kitchens were also encouraged to roof their kitchens to stop rain from damaging their stoves. The participants promised to roof their kitchens since they now have rice husks that they can use as roofing materials. Harriet also told the women to talk to their husbands to construct for them firewood risen stands where they can stock firewood to use during time of scarcity The secretary of Healthy and Safe kitchen program in this village Mr. MUKOSE told Harriet that the participants had forgotten how to take care of their stoves and since kibo has visited their minds was wakened up to take care of them. He thanked kibo for visiting their village again and promised to work with the community to ensure positive change. 
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2020-08-11 - Purpose: To follow up on smearing and roofing of the leaking kitchens.
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12019 FATINA’s stove that needs to be repaired and smeared in order to look neat and last longer.