Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-07-27

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2020-07-28 08:05:03 UTC
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10:07-17:18 (7 h 11 m)
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Follow up on sanitation improvements in the villag 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex W together with two sanitation committee members, Salem and Enock visited the eastern part of the village to check on new sanitation facilities under construction and to guide the people on meeting standards. We decided to divide up the village into sections for easy follow up because the village is quite big. In this section that was visited yesterday, there was great improvement seen with many of the families being positive and welcoming in their homes with pride to show us what they have managed to do and accept corrections in the errors made. The vice chairman of the village has also been instrumental talking to people in this part of the village to work on their sanitation standards. This is the area that is in most need for water walking for more than two kilometers to reach the nearest water source. There were seven new completed pit latrines seen in this section and some homes were told to rectify the errors and what to repair because some facilities have either stayed for long or been damaged by the rains. Alex and the sanitation committee members continued to encourage the village on how to build long lasting facilities using some few kilos of cement on top of the bathrooms for sustainability purposes. They continued to sale the new idea of constructing the new hand washing stands in their homes and the sanitation committee promised to go back in this section to demonstrate how to build it. The sanitation committee were encouraged by Alex to be more active as some areas were still lagging behind and need more time to talk to people. The roofing part has become a challenge and people are encouraged to roof their new pit latrine structures quickly before the rains set in. Also those families that are finding it very hard to roof their pits. The sanitation committee will meet them and start getting the contributions for iron sheets since kibo agreed to do a partnership with them to help them roof their pit latrines. On another note, their only borehole in the village that needs repair again broke down last week and because of the great water need in the village, they came together as a village and contributed some money, called the hand pump mechanic and temporarily worked on it so that the village can access clean water. However the long term solution is to buy all new pipes, new rods, new cylinder and head assembly to avoid these rampant breakdowns. The village has not yet reached a stage when kibo group can partner with them to fix it. WASH group will continue to go back and continue to encourage the village to reach their required sanitation standards before the water issue can be tackled since the village continues to beg for help to have their well repaired. 
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2020-08-03 - Purpose: Follow up on new facility construction and standards.
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Report Photos

12115 New pit latrine under construction and the owner was encouraged to roof it quickly before the rains set in
12118 This lady feels proud having got a new kitchen in her home. His husband was two weeks ago encouraged by Alex together with the sanitation committee members to quickly build a kitchen for his wife and he responded positively
12121 This lady, a wife to the village vice chairman was found working on the floor for her bathing shelter and was guided by Alex on how to get it done well
12124 This young man was also encouraged to complete building a structure around his new pit latrine
12127 Another new pit latrine in Butabira still under construction