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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-22

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Dangers of early marriage 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the youth know the causes and dangers of early marriages and the consequences. By the end of the lesson, the teenage mothers know that their future is still bright and the should not loose out on their dream.
Introduction Lorna was in this village to teach about the causes and dangers of early marriages but most importantly to meet with the young mothers to talk about their life and to encourage them not to give up. Overview Lorna’s plan was to meet only the young mothers but she was shocked to find also other teenagers around which was okay. They reviewed the previous lesson and then Lorna went ahead and asked them what the causes of early marriages and dangers were; they mentioned poverty, early pregnancy, school dropout, Ignorance, gender discrimination , Greed , weak laws, high dowry for older women but less for young women/ girls among others. Lorna encouraged the teenagers and youth to be patient , Abstain from sex and that everything has its own timing and that there no short cuts to life. At their gage they are not prepared for marriage and that if the adults are finding it hard, how about them the young ones. Lorna encouraged them to avoid peer pressure,say No to Sex and marital advances to finish school and the rest can come later. On the dangers they looked at poverty, Domestic violence, lack of basic needs like food, medical care, clothings, sexual violence, giving birth to many children one cannot take care of, risk being a second wife, social stigma , shame, risk getting sexually transmitted diseases among others. Lorna encouraged the teens and youth to avoid things or risky behaviors that can lead them into such situations. She encouraged them to wait even when there is no money but work hard , help their parents to dig, rare animals and when they get money they can go to school. She advised them to Say NO the power of NO will save them from these challenges. After this she asked the rest of the teens and youth out so she could only meet the young mothers. Lorna met with 3 beautiful young mothers, Nabirye Winnie , Nabirye Mariam and Kasuwa Betty. Lorna wanted to know what led them to giving birth at a young age and just hear their story and encourage them. 1.Nabirye mentioned that she comes from a very big family and not only being really poor at home but also academically , she decided to drop out of school and went to Kampala for work as a help but while there she was defiled by her boss who denied everything and attempts to arrest him were futile since the police asked for money they couldn’t afford. She came back home and while at home another man told her mum that he had a nephew who was looking for a wife and like that she married him now with 2 kids. 2.Nabirye Mariam also from a family of 10 siblings and also her father abandoned them for 2 wives, he is a very irresponsible dad and so because all the responsibility was on their mother, she decided to look for work in Kampala and like Mariam she got pregnant and when she returned home, her dad told her to go get married to that man but Mariam refused despite attempts of her dad forcing her into marriage. She decided to stay home and help her mother. 3. Kasuwa Betty, her dad is an alcoholic who did not care anything about his responsibilities and also she was able to reach s. 4 and then there was no money anymore. At that time an organization came in to teach them some skills but before she learnt well, they left. Lorna thanked these young mothers, for sharing her story. She told them they are very beautiful and that she was proud of them for being brave and thanked them for making the right decision to keep their children because they had a choice to abort but kept them. She mentioned to them that nothing that happened to them was their fault and they should not blame themselves for whatever happened to them. She encouraged them to forgive themselves and everything that happened to them and those that caused them wrong. She asked the 2 ladies if they were receiving help from their husbands and they said yes though Life is not easy . She encouraged them to get hands on , get something to do that can earn them money like digging , selling charcoal, learning how to knit, plait hair so that they don’t have to worry from their husbands not giving them money. She also encouraged them to use family planning not to produce a lot of children,to respect their husbands as well but this should not tie them down to achieving their dream of finishing school. She encouraged them to seek advice from their parents or elders and also ask them for forgiveness and to help them go back to School because it’s not too late. Conclusion The day ended with a Skit from Mink group of which one of the mothers participated in. This was very encouraging and good to get these young mothers out of their shells for them to know that they can belong and they are not alone. They were very grateful and thanked Lorna so much for these encouraging words . Lorna will plan to walk home to home to meet the other young mothers that feared to come to the meeting and also meet their husbands. 
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2020-07-29 - Purpose: Teach on Abstainence and delaying sex.
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12178 Nabwire, Betty and Nabirye are the young mothers Lorna met where she was just encouraging them about life.
12184 This is Nabirye Winnie she produced at 16years now she’s is 17. She has 1 daughter.
12187 This is Betty, she produced at 16 years now she is 20 .She has 2 children
12190 This is Nabirye she produced at 16 now 20 years with 1 child.