Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kirwanire

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-07-24

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2020-07-24 14:35:54 UTC
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09:12-17:41 (8 h 29 m)
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Sanitation improvements and encouragements 
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David Balimunsi 
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David and Steven went to kirwanire village. Their intentions of going there was to continue encouraging the residents to work and improve on their sanitation standards. Their target for that day was to monitor and check the work progress on the construction of the hand washing stations . While they were in the village they moved with Gerald mufumbiro the general secretary who led them into quite a good number of homes. Out of the many homes they moved to , fewer homes had finished the construction of their hand washing stations in place . But fortunately many were improving on some of their pit latrines by constructing new ones and others renovating on the old shower rooms . Therefore David and Steven kept on encouraging the owners of the different homes to work hard by working and improving on the rest of the other sanitation facilities. For example David emphasized much more on the construction of the dish racks which uses fewer nails . He also advised the residents whose pit latrines were too old and had a lot of the flies to prevent on the flies by the use of ash . The members were also reminded by the kibo of constructing the two hand washing stations in each in a sense that one would be used after the latrine usage and the other one at any home entrance. David and Steven explained to the residents that it would make sense for each one before visiting any home to first wash his or her hands . For that reason David and Steven noted that the residents seemed to have bought into the idea of the construction of the hand washing stations. They even promised to construct two hand washing stations per home . As David and Steven we’re getting back to Hamuza Bogere,s home the village chairman they met with Farouk the youth leader. They talked to them as to why some homes more of the youth youth were not working at the same speed . Therefore Farouk promised to talk to his fellow youth by encouraging them to work and improve on their sanitation standards. In general according to David and Steven,s point of view was that the upper section had worked more than the upper section. Therefore much emphasis will be required in the lower section. 
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2020-07-27 - Purpose: To have a village general meeting aimed at bringing everyone on board as far as the work of sanitation improvements are concerned
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12193 As seen in the picture above is the newly constructed hand washing station for mr Bogere Hasani the village chairman