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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-27

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the pupils know the causes and dangers of early pregnancy; that is why they should not get pregnant Now and Abstain.
Introduction Since the schools closed due to covid 19 teenagers have a lot of time in their hands doing nothing and because of this there have been increasingly reported cases of early pregnancies and marriages. Lorna went to meet the Life Skills pupils from Mpumiro Primary as well as those from other neighboring Schools. Overview On arrival, Lorna went straight to the chairman’s place so as for him to take her to the place where they were to meet. The chairman was very happy that Lorna wanted to meet the teens and youth because he said surely they need someone to talk to them and guide them and remind them that this virus will go and they will go back to a School.The teenagers took long to come as some of them were busy in their gardens and fetching water. However after sometime they showed up and Lorna talked to them. She greeted them and asked how they were doing, and asked them what they are doing at home. Some said reading, digging, grazing among others. Lorna mentioned that it is good that they were helping their parents because they should. She reminded them that if they were in School there parents would be struggling alone to meet their needs but covid has given them an opportunity to be with their parents and help them because tomorrow when school starts it’s the very harvest, animals they will sell to take them back to school. She urged them not to take for granted or to undermine their parents jobs because again it’s where they get to eat, get clothes and all their needs. She also urged them to respect their parents, elders and do whatever they are told. If they send them somewhere like to fetch water, go to the trading center , they should hurry back home and not spend time there because anything can happen to them. She advised them not to walk unnecessarily. Lorna then introduced the topic of the day, she mentioned that it is unfortunate that many of the young girls and boys are misbehaving as some have got themselves pregnant while others are married. She added that it is unfortunate that many teens their age will drop out of School and therefore today they were going to look at what is causing these pregnancies and the dangers. Asia mentioned lack of basic needs like ; food, pads, clothing, bad peer groups, accepting free gifts, walking in the night, boredom, Abusive parents, alcoholic parents, rape, defilement among others. Lorna encouraged them to avoid bad peer groups where she told them that no one can force them to do what they don’t like. She asked them to stand up for the right thing and learn to say NO. She told them if your not a thief no one should pressure you to go steal, if you don’t smoke, drink , engage in sexual behaviors ,no one should pressure them and so they should stand their ground even though they will call them uncool or cowards, they will have saved themselves from a lot of problems. In the case of an abusive parent or Alcoholic parent, Lorna encouraged them to seek help from someone instead of running away from home, she told them to even talk to her privately and her and the chairman will find a way to solve that problem. She also encouraged to talk freely to their parents if they have any challenges or getting advances from men. She urged them not to accept free gifts as there will be a time when they will have to pay for those things. She urged them to be satisfied with the little they have and be patient if they don’t have today, tomorrow they will have. On the dangers they looked at Early marriages, Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS , gonorrhea, syphilis , die at birth because their bodies are still young, dropping out of school, imprisonment for the boys, shame, spousal rejection, parental neglect, producing a baby of low weight, fear to go for antenatal because they will be abused their because of their young age, low self esteem, self neglect among others. She told them at their age none of them is ready to be a parent, none of them can take care of a family. The cost of medical care, food, clothing, School where will they get the finances, cheap labour among others. She urged them to think of what they want to become in future and how if they engage in early sex how this can affect that future. She told them in life there are no shot cuts and whatever decision they make today will determine tomorrow.Also whatever they decide to do good or bad there are consequences and they will be responsible for those consequences. Conclusion Lorna encouraged them to Abstain from sex and any risky behavior in order to have a bright future. She reminded them to respect their parents and elders and always to pray in every situation God always makes a way. 
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2020-08-17 - Purpose: Meet with the Teenagers again concerning early marriages and the importance of Abstainenence
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12202 Some of the teens and youth that attended the meeting.