Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-07-29

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David Balimunsi
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2020-07-29 08:05:17 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-07-30 08:38:57 UTC
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09:04-18:02 (8 h 58 m)
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12:25-15:57 (3 h 32 m)
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Household visits

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Sanitation encouragements and improvements 
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David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
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David and Steven were in Ndhalike. And their intentions of going there was to continue encouraging the residents to work hard and improve on their sanitation facilities. While they were in the village they first met with the village chairman mr Tatyaise Anthony who communicated to them that they were sorry because all the sanitation committee members were an-able to move with them home to home. Reason was that all the committee members were involved in the government,s exercise of giving out the mosquito nets to all the residents in the village . And also David and Steven saw that everyone in the village were up and down that is the entire village was not so much organized as it used to be for the rest of the other field days. Another challenge was that the members were not in their respective homes so that the kibo staff would communicate to them Incase of any need for further sanitation encouragements and improvements. On addition to that the entire day wasn’t so good for the kibo,s normal actives because of the political rally of a certain political aspirant. Therefore David and Steven decided to visit fewer homes with some two of the committee members. However out of the homes the kibo visited they came across one member mugote who was improving on his kitchen roof structure. That improvement in mugote,s home made the kibo staff so impressed because he used to be the most complicated person to change . Also the wife of mr mugote was around and so thankful to the Kibo’s efforts and the continuous ideologies towards the good change and improvements of their home. While mugote was working on his roof structure,the kibo staff tried so much to explain into depth why mugote had the much need to love his home and family. Because his family used continuously to suffer from diarrheal diseases. By so doing the wife of mugote testified before the kibo that since they regularly started encouraging them to have a pit latrine in their home, the rate of their children getting sickly always was regulated. Greatly that gave David and Steven the total joy than ever before. David and Steven left the home of mugote when he had promised them that in one weeks time his home was going to be the best improved one around the entire village. As David and Steven continued moving home to home they were encouraged with mis Fulumela one of the elderly women in the village but so active who had constructed a hand washing station.Because the old lady Fulumela was away out of her home ,though her hand washing stand needed some changes for improvements she was away. The kibo and the committee members will be helping her next time when she will be around. They were also encouraged with kisame Fred who had constructed a hand washing station and had most of the sanitation facilities in place. They encouraged kisame Fred to extend what he had done in his home to his other neighbors. So that the entire village would be a better place for them all to live . Because of the too much activities in the village throughout the entire day,the kibo talked to kalori one of the most active mobilizers in the village so that during the next Kibo’s village visit they will be moving home to home around the entire village to monitor and assess those home which will be still lagging behind. 
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2020-08-05 - Purpose: To monitor the sanitation standards and progress around the entire village .
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12241 Seen above in the picture is the home of the most complicated VHT trying to improve on his kitchen roof.