Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-07-30

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2020-07-30 08:48:20 UTC
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2020-07-30 12:40:48 UTC
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07:29-14:59 (7 h 30 m)
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08:50-12:48 (3 h 58 m)
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3 h 32 m

Water Community Meeting

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test pump and casting,installation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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This was the second day of borehole borehole pump testing, installation and casting work on this new borehole in Naibowa village. Test pumping was done for another one hour to make sure the borehole water clears before the installation and casting. The water stayed clear for the whole hour and installation and casting continued. The water recovery was 97% after 20Minutes and after three hours of pumping. 7 new stainless pipes were installed and takes less than a minute to fill up a jerrycan. The village people were very happy that the borehole is done and also thanked Kibo group for the strong and long lasting pipes that were installed in their new borehole. The village and the water committee was guided on how to manage this new borehole platform for the next three weeks to enable it dry well and avoid cracks. WASH staff will come back to follow up on the new borehole and continue preparing the village for the next steps of build the borehole fence before they can start to use the borehole. 
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2020-08-10 - Purpose: To inspect the borehole new platform and meet with the water user committee
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12295 Setting up the mold to design the borehole slab
12298 Concrete work in progress
12310 Installation process and casting
12316 Starting to pour the concrete
12319 Installation of the stainless pipes