Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-08-03

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Alex Walyomu
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2020-08-04 08:37:08 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2020-08-04 09:32:20 UTC
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09:55-18:22 (8 h 27 m)
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12:27-16:09 (3 h 42 m)
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Check on sanitation improvements in the village 
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Walyomu Alex 
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In Butabira village yesterday, there was a slight improvement seen in the homes visited by Alex together with the village chairman. Many of the people were not got in their homes as they had gone for a burial in the next village, however the village chairman decided to ask me to move with him to check on the sanitation facilities and see what had improved from last time. The chairman took Alex to the western part of the village where we hadn’t been for the last two weeks. Some people were got busy working on their facilities and some people had improved and completed some facilities. One of the village member called Mutaka was got helping his neighbor to come up with a new dish rack in his home constructing a new design that has been rolled out by Kibo group. It’s slowly been taken up by many people in the villages and this man called Muataka has decided to help all his neighbors to have this kind in their homes. It was also observed that there were many new pits that were still under construction and also those that completed digging these pits have had challenges to construct on them. Some of the pits have stayed for more than 3 months open and the committee members together with the chairman need to come together and schedule more time to encourage the village to speed up the program. They were told to not only wait for the day WASH is in their village before they move in the village. The new rubbish pits and new pits have been more worked on more than the rest of the facilities. The village chairman promised to meet with the rest of the members to come up with more ways to speed up the program and construct more sanitation facilities. They plan this week to put more emphasis on construction of hand washing stands as well and dish rack construction. Alex also had a meeting with another NGO working in the same village called “Food For the Hungry”. This organization is doing some bit of WASH in the parish mostly hand washing but they are mainly focused on economic activities in the community. They wanted to learn more about the new design of hand washing facility that is being rolled in the village by Kibo. They liked the idea so much as it provides an option to those that can’t manage the tippy taps. Another challenge that this organization has found in the village and trying to address is that there are many young girls that have become pregnant and are working with the leaders to tackle this issue. They requested to encourage the parents in the homes they are visited to take care of their young children. They agreed to organize a joint meeting involving both organizations with the village leaders to discuss ways to speed up the programs in the village and as well talk about the other issues of early pregnancy in the village. Alex will plan to go back next week to continue with follow up on the new sanitation facilities under construction and guide on standards. 
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2020-08-12 - Purpose: Continue follow up on sanitation improvements in the village
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Report Photos

12328 A new pit latrine under construction in Mr.Waigolo’s home.
12331 Ben recently dug a new rubbish pit and now digging a new pit.
12334 This young man recently dug a new rubbish pit for his family and was encouraged and guided to work on their dilapidated bathing shelter.
12337 Mutaka, one of a very active village member who has very well embraced the sanitation program helps his neighbor to construct a new design of dish rack. This new design and idea from WASH is being taken up by many homes in the village
12340 A new design of hand washing facility being constructed in the village and its rolled out by the sanitation committee members
12343 A new pit latrine measuring 20ft under construction in Jovan’s home. This family has for along time been defecating in the open but will soon have a pit latrine in their home.
12346 This is a new bathing shelter in Muketa’s home.