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Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-08-03

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B met the community about how to manage their group garden project. They want to grow soybeans and maize for commercial. The members each will acquire skill how to do it back from their homes. Saul the chairperson of the group thanked the members for turning up for the meeting.He said the field is ready since he offered free service to Plough the land. He added that since the ploughing was done,it has never rained. Another issue was that they have not yet bought the seed since all the money they had was used in the process of opening group bank account. There is a challenge of some not turning up when they are called to go where the project is located.He suggested that as leaders wanted to secure the seeds on credit to catch up with planting season. Alex B thanked them for effort and zeal of doing a project for the group to earn a living. He told them soybeans and maize are crops that can act as food and and sold for money. He advised them to keep records concerning all the business about their group projects. To manage their garden, he told them to think of the input and the output. All what they are to spend should be noted down in terms of money,labor and time. The members need to participate by contributing in all ways and should be noted down and appropriated. Since they want to get seeds on credit ,I advised them to get the money and pay.It will help them to know how much was invested as they will be looking forward to know the balance after selling the harvest. The labor by members towards the garden should be noted by all those that go and work from the beginning to the end. The leaders should encourage the members to love and always remind them to participate willing. Alex B agreed with all the members the next meeting to place at their garden to discuss how manage it practically. How to care for it so that they can get a better yield. 
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2020-08-17 - Purpose: To discuss with members at their garden practically for a better yield
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