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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-29

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
1. By the end of the lesson the community knows the reasons to delay sex. 2. Identify strategies to delay sex
Introduction Lorna went to Nawampiti where she taught about Abstinence. Abstinence refers to keeping away from sex. This lesson therefore teaches both parents and students the reasons for saying No. They need to know why it is important to say No that is the power of saying No to sex. Overview When Lorna arrived she was informed that the group they were to meet , in that home they had lost someone and also there was another family that had lost someone and some community members were to go and burry. When Lorna said that maybe they should reschedule another visit they said no she did not come this way to go back without teaching them. Jacob and Samuel went around mobilizing some community members to attend the meeting. After waiting for some minutes, a couple of teenagers and community members came to the meeting place and the meeting begun. Lorna started by reviewing the previous topic on Causes and dangers of early marriages. She asked the group that attended the previous week to bring the rest of the group up to speed. They mentioned causes like; Poverty, ignorance, greedy parents, school dropout among others. Dangers like ; domestic violence, sexual violence, poverty HIV/AIDS and other STIs, risk being a second wife, early pregnancy, stigma from community among others. Later on, Lorna thanked them for their contribution and introduced the topic of the day Abstinence. Lorna asked them the meaning of Abstinence and Viola said saying No to sex. But it is one thing to say No but it’s another to know why your saying no. However before starting she asked the community members if it was important for parents to talk to their children about sex. All the parents agreed and said it was important and gave their reasons as to why. Lorna then asked the Teenagers whether their parents talk to them about Sex they all shouted NO shamming the parents around. Lorna urged them the more they shy about it, the more their children are learning from somewhere and wanting to try it. They should play their role as well as the children/ teens / youth playing theirs. Some of the reasons given to delay sex or Abstain were, to avoid early marriages, to avoid early pregnancies, to avoid getting Sexually transmitted diseases, to finish School, to fulfill your dreams, respect at home among siblings. Others religious values, marry the person one wants, knows her self worth, wait until marriage, not ready, fear of violence among others. They also looked at help for delaying sex like; Avoid free gifts, go to trading centers with friends, friends places with friends, avoid lonely places, get involved in other activities like sports, Church, avoid falling for romantic words, decide how far you want to go with the relationship. After this Lorna also gave the parents some tips to talk to their children like; - Start early where she gave examples of Muslims how they introduce their children to hijabs their Islamic wear and even in future they don’t depart from it. Tell children their private parts belong to only them no one else should touch them, to love themselves. - Create an open environment - don’t let children fear them so as they are free to talk to them concerning anything. - Communicate your values to them, what you expect of them. E.g Getting married when older, respecting people, - listen to them - let them talk. - Try to be honest- If they did something wrong, this is how you would feel, if you finished school, you would be very proud of them Conclusion Lorna thanked them for coming and encouraged them to tell others who were not able to come what they had learnt. 
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2020-08-05 - Purpose: Continue with previous lesson and then teach Alcohol and drug Abuse.
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12373 The lady in the green Gomesi was contributing to the question whether it is important to talk to their children on issues concerning sex. She said it was very important because if the child goes astray then they are to blame for not having played their role.