Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nabituluntu - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-03

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles,Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
- By the end of the lesson , the community members have come up with measures of managing anger. - By the end of the lesson, the community members are able to know their gender roles and responsibilities and that a home functions as a unit when there is good communication, cooperation . - By the end of the lesson, one is able to identify the different perspectives on aBride Price. - Identify some of the consequences of the Bride price system.
Introduction This was the second visit made since the outbreak of covid in this village. Previously when she went the village asked to give them sometime until the situation or pandemic comes down but as the case it did not necessarily come down but work needed to go on and they needed to find a way in which this was going to work out. Overview Lorna arrived and there was barely anyone at the meeting place. She therefore decided to walk around and check on the stoves usage and some of the trees that were planted. She visited about 6 homes where she got to see stoves being used, others were being used alongside the 3 stones, others were just old and needed smearing and remolding. For the home where they were using the 3 stones, she encouraged them to take out the stone and choose which one they wanted to use but it cannot be both. She was also able to see the trees whereby one old man had all his trees healthy while one lady her trees were stolen and another her trees all dried up. Lorna encouraged the lad whose trees got dried up that if she gets a chance and gets others she should try and water them and also ask the children to water them. The trees can be used to pay their children’s fees and take care of their needs in future.After moving around the village Lorna went back to the meeting place and after a while she was joined by the rest of the community members.The meeting started with a word of prayer after which Lorna was invited to teach the community. Lorna asked how they were and they told her they have lost 4 people in the community and therefore they have been to burials here and there . Lorna shared her sympathies with the community and after exchanging greetings, Lorna asked the community to remind her of the previous lessons they learnt. It was hard for them to remember since it had been months since lock down due to the pandemic. She did not therefore teach communication skills because she had to remind the community .Lorna therefore had to remind them of what the lessons were. On Relationship Skills Gender roles, she reminded them about complementing each others roles in a home. She mentioned that a family is made like a human body no part can function minus the other. If one part is not supplementing and complementing the other, everyone else suffers. Lorna encouraged forgiveness, communication and each one to play their roles so that everyone is happy. She also encourage the parents to teach their children these roles and responsibilities,to share them so as to prevent future challenges of who does what. She also added that both parents should find time to talk to their children concerning their lives and issues affecting them and find a way of guiding them. On Anger Management, she reminded the group that anger is an emotion and everyone experiences it. But just like one can be a good steward concerning their money, they can also be a good steward managing anger as an emotion. They mentioned different ways of managing anger like; Walking away, seeking guidance, praying, forgiveness. They asked Lorna how about when someone’s cows or goats eat ones crops in the gardens and the owner is angry, how do you deal with that. Lorna passed the question to the Whole group and one man said ask for forgiveness however if the owner of the garden is being hard and is angry and wants to go to police, then the chairman can be involved. The chairman can help bring down the mans anger. Lorna also added reconciliation as a way of managing anger whereby Lorna added that families that have hurt each other, but the one way to release this anger is set a meeting and plant reconciliation. Lorna encouraged the community to know what their partners, friends dislikes like what makes them annoyed so that you can avoid making them angry. After the review, Lorna did not still introduce the new lesson she taught on Self esteem. Lorna explained what self esteem was and mentioned that in most cases when one does not know their self esteem, they miss out on a lot of opportunities for example; start a business one may fear and start having doubts like what people would say, will she/ he make it , they don’t communicate in the meeting because of fear what will people say of them , they will laugh at their ideas , even asked to say a prayer they fear because they don’t believe in themselves . Lorna told them self esteem may stem from ones parents how they treated them, children not knowing their self worth, someone saying somethings like you will never make it in life, you will not get married such words pull down someone’s self esteem. One who doesn’t have self esteem keeps postponing staff let the other one do it, next time, time has gone, am so old for that, I can’t do it. Lorna mentioned that self esteem stems from oneself what you believe about yourself and from there others will see that too. For example if you value yourself you will not sit back when your husband keeps beating you ( domestic Violence). Conclusion In the next meeting, they will look at Bride price and the different perspectives and some of the consequences or problems concerning Bride price band fore introducing communication skills. Lorna thanked them for attending and wished them a good stay. They also thanked Lorna for the lesson. In 
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Report Photos

12409 Mvule tree that Lorna saw
12412 This young boy was seen cooking g.nuts using the stove.
12415 The owner of the stove was preparing to light it to cook. Lorna encouraged her to remold her stove and thanked her for using it.
12418 Under the banana plantation is a Musizi tree. Lorna encouraged him to fence his trees and water them when it doesn’t rain.
12421 The man in pink was commenting on managing emotions the review.
12424 Lorna also noticed this baby in the meeting . She’s is one year and 2 months but she has never walked and also she has a deformity which must have come at birth where she can’t hold her head still or in one place therefor one has to hold her head in one position as seen by the mother doing so. Lorna took the picture to ask Irene what the problem could be.