Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-08-05

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Harriet Kefeza,Jeska Nairuba 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet and Jeska went to Naibowa village to introduce the Healthy and Safe kitchen to the community. She reached in the village and found when people had not yet turned up for the meeting. They decided to walk around the homes as they check on their facilities at the same time mobilizing the participants.They found one home had a fuel stove but was made out of brick,was very big, had no vent thus used a lot.later own participants gathered for the meeting. The meeting begun with an open prayer that was led by Lubale Wilber who thanked the lord for providing journey mercies to kibo staff to come to their village. The chairperson LC1 welcomed kibo to the village and wished them peaceful deliberations during the meeting. Kibo staff introduced themselves to the community and asked each member to introduce him/ herself to the meeting by name and the village direction so kibo staff can also know them by name and the homes where they come from. Harriet asked the participants the challenges they go through while cooking on open flames because kibo staff had seen most people in the village using three stone fire for cooking. These are some of the challenges the participants talked about: 1. Too much smoke that has made many women develop chest and eye problem due to the long hours they spend in the kitchen cooking on open flames thus inhaling smoke. 2.The open flames use a lot of firewood that forces women and girl children to spend longer hours in the forest looking for firewood. 3.The chairperson LC1 also added most cases reported to his office are cases of domestic violence due to women cooking half cooked food,and firewood thefts which is commonly committed by the women and girl children. 4.Also another challenge is unstable cooking stones that at times cause fire accidents and the first person to blame is a woman . 5. Men also reported to the meeting that most of their wives are not hygienically clean because of too much smoke in the kitchen they inhale that cause them to develop running . This in most cases discourage men from watching their wives as they cook food because they fear to loose appetite. They added that because of too much smoke in the kitchen their wives sweat a lot that at times make them smell bad or look un toddy. This was a very good platform for kibo staff to teach the community the value of the healthy and safe kitchen program as a program that empowers the community with knowledge and skill to build fuel efficient stoves that use less firewood, eliminate smoke in the kitchen, cooks first because it helps some one to cook two things at ago,limits cases of fire accidents,increases love in a family because a man can be attracted to cook food with his wife as they discuss marriage and others plans for the family. When kibo staff said that every one in the meeting was very interested in the program because they wanted to get rid of the challenges they go through as they cook on open flames. However they asked kibo to tell them the materials to use to build those stoves so that they can start thinking of how to rise money to buy those materials. HARRIET told them that all the materials to be used are locally available and free in their community like , termite dirt,water,grass, banana stem,two old saucepans ,a shovel and a basin. The participants assured kibo staff that all those materials can freely and easily be available in their community and asked kibo to give them the next day they come back to teach in their village because they feel being more ready for the program. Kibo staff told them that they will be going back on Wednesday 12/August /2020 and they urged each member to come with a heap of grass that they will learn how to chop together. They also asked the women to work together with the husbands like wise the husbands to work with their wives for the program to be successful. 
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2020-08-12 - Purpose: Teach participants how to cut grass and guide participants to chose a committee that will coordinate the program.
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12457 Kibo staff introducing the healthy
12460 Amweiti Agness setting fire on the three stone fire before she gets a stove.
12463 Jeska sharing with the participants the goals and objectives of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program.
12466 Lubaale’s well stocked firewood on the firewood risen stand.