Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-08-12

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2020-08-13 07:49:08 UTC
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Follow unnon new facilities and standards. 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex was in Butabira to follow up on sanitation and hygiene improvements made in the village and together with the sanitation committee continued to encourage those that still have to work and improve their sanitation standards. They focused on the lower part of the village moving home to home checking on all facilities in a home. Alex was happy with David Atuke’s home who completed a new bathroom something that for a long time Alex has been talking to him to work on. His family was bathing from a live bathroom that is very dangerous as it harbors snakes. He was encouraged to clear away that old fashioned kind of bathroom and start to use the new one. He was also impressed with how the village has embraced the construction of the hand washing stands in their homes. The sanitation committee managed to construct about 50 new hand washing stands in the village. 14 new hand washing stands were seen among the homes that were visited with the sanitation committee, 6 new pits were also seen and 3 new pits were under construction. Alex together with the sanitation committee continues to encourage all the village residents to work on their sanitation and hygiene facilities and guiding them on the standards. The hand washing facility construction has surely picked up highly in the village and every home with a pit latrine has almost completed constructing one near the pit latrine. Some homes have gone an extra mile to construct two hand washing facilities, one at the front of the house for every person that visits them to first wash their hands before in a way to curb the spread of coronavirus. The village chairman has been fully involved in promoting the construction of these facilities in all the village homes. One lady called Namugwere feels proud of her two hand washing facilities she constructed in her home and about a week ago when she received visitors in her home, she confessed to Alex that the visitors were very happy to see this kind of hand washing facility and she was asked how this is done so that they can do the same back in their homes. Namugwere talked to Alex with pride and thanked kibo group for the new ideas in her village. The neighboring villages have started to admire all the new ideas being seen in Butabira and are also taking them up. The chairman from Butabira village was invited to go to a nearby village about these sanitation and hygiene methods and also the people from the neighboring villages like Buganza village borrow pick axes and spades to dig new pits and the people from Butabira have allowed to share with their neighbors. The sanitation committee is very confident that every home in Butabira will have received a hand washing facility in a week to come according to the speed this facility is being embraced by the village. The other facility that has greatly improved are the new pits but waiting to be constructed on. The lack of enough trees in the village because Butabira village is surrounded by mpologoma River, has made the construction of dish racks to be slow and not expecting a high percentage on this facility. The goal for WASH this month in this village is to complete hand washing and drive other facilities to more than 80% especially pit latrines. Alex shall consider to plan two visits in a week to Butabira to try speed up the program before the village gets so busy in their gardens. 
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2020-08-14 - Purpose: Continue follow up on new facilities being constructed and guide the village on standards.
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Report Photos

12541 This man is very proud of his new hand washing stand
12544 The village residents are very proud of this new idea in their homes and call it a development fund from kibo group in 2020
12550 Bale’s new dish rack
12553 Hand washing stand next to the pit latrine and the bathroom
12556 A new pit latrine and a new hand washing stand constructed next to the pit latrine
12559 Proud Mwojjo with his new hand washing stand.