Health Education - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2020-08-10

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 8: Breast Feeding and Complementary feeding 
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Irene met with the breast feeding mothers to discuss about benefits of breast feeding to the father,mother ,children, also discussed complementary feeding and breast attachment. In this the mothers gave the different benefits to all the individuals of the family and they all emphasized on breast feeding saving money for the family and assured safe hygiene for the baby since it doesn’t involve any other materials to be used. After the meeting that was so interactive Irene went to visit one of the mothers who had just given birth and had been attending her antenatal lessons,gladly she delivered from the hospital to a healthy baby girl and she was so grateful for the health lessons because it was her first time to delivery in the hospital. She was grateful for the care given to her and her baby. There after I gave out a mama kit to one of the mothers who is due but she was abandoned by the man who impregnated her for another woman, so her parents decided to build her a small hut on the side because it’s forbidden for a girl to sleep in the same house with her parents when she conceives from her parents home especially when still in school. Irene also returned the malnourished baby yunusu to his home and the family members were grateful for the help rendered. 
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Health Education 
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The woman who was due gave birth to a baby girl from the hospital, she has been attending the antenatal lessons and promised to keep taking the baby for immunization. 
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2020-08-17 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching about postnatal care,recommendations,benefits,barriers,activities done.
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12610 Irene meeting with the breast feeding mothers of kagulu village to discuss about benefits of breast feeding and complementary feeding, and demonstration of breast attachment.