Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Kalitumba - Namutumba

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-08-10

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2020-08-11 10:30:05 UTC
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet went back to kalitumba to teach participants how to chop grass especially in the lower section of the village.In the previous visit she had asked every member to bring a heap of grass to the meeting so that she can demonstrate to them how to chop grass that will be used to build stoves. She reached in the village and found most people when they were still in their gardens because it had rained the previous day and they had to take that opportunity to plant their ground nuts. But as soon as kibo staff arrived in the village some members came back from their gardens and joined the meeting. It was very interesting to see every one coming with a heap of grass which was a sign of commitment. HARRIET asked the participants available to bring pangas, she demonstrated to them how to chop grass and asked every one in the group to practice because practice makes perfect. Harriet also wanted to find out why participants from the lower did not get stoves or did not actively participate right from the beginning of the program. The participants told Harriet that the reason why some of them did not participate in the program. Some people said that the person who the group chose to be the Chairperson for the Healthy and Safe kitchen program in their village never mobilized them for the program and told the rest of the committee not to involve them. Another member said when she was mobilizing the community she was very selective and told others not to come for the meetings ( they said the committee invited only their friends and relatives which was so discriminative) One member said that they were previously in a saving group where the former Chairperson for the Healthy and Safe kitchen program was a treasure and when it came to the time of sharing their savings she swindled some of their money and this forced many people never to join any program that she was involved. Harriet told the group to always be open in any development program especially when it comes to choosing leaders for a specific program. Incase they are not comforted with such leaders they should never keep quite because it affects them. For example if they had told Harriet before she would have guided them to chose a leader that they will be comfortable with. They added that they are able to speak because the former Chairperson for the Healthy and Safe kitchen of the group( Dina) was not present therefore felt comfortable to share with HARRIET about her. Harriet guided the group to chose a Chairperson that they will be free with. The group chose Zaituna Babirye as the Chairperson of the group. Zaituna asked the group to be open with her and tell her her weakness Incase of any because it will help her to improve. HARRIET also reminded them to work with them as a group in order to achieve development as well as to attract more development partners. She also left them with an assignment to chop a bag of grass by Monday 17/8/2020 in order to qualify for the stoves in their section. She also asked them to work in groups of six people each in order to observe the ministry of Healthy guidelines in the prevention of covid 19. The Chairperson of the group on behalf of the group thanked kibo for extending love to them despite the challenges that the community had before. They stressed that if it was other programs they wouldn’t have looked for them or tried to find out why they did not participate.they added that Kibo’s oproach with them it is like the story in the Bible where the shepherd left 99 sheep and went to look for one sheep that was missing. They promised to work together with kibo that has shown love to them and felt challenged with that 
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2020-08-17 - Purpose: To practically teach the participants in the lower section of the village how to practically build stoves.
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12682 This younger boy(Joseph )is learning how to chop grass.
12685 Zuituna the new Chairperson for the Healthy and Safe kitchen program is the lower section of the village is learning how to chop grass and wants to set her self as an example to the group.
12688 A strong well stocked firewood risen stands for one of the participants.