Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Igerera B - Namutumba

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-08-17

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2020-08-18 09:41:36 UTC
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adjustements,follow up smearing 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet went to Igerera B to teach participants how to remove banana stems from the stove that was earlier built by Jeska in this village. In this home the community had poorly built a stove for one member but it was poorly built in a way that they used very longer banana stems that forced her to use a lot of firewood to cook food. So the owner did not see the difference from this stove and the three stone fire. So basing on her complaint Jeska had demolished that stove and rebuilt for her.Harriet had to go back and teach the participants how to remove the banana stems from this stove because she wanted them to master the whole process. She removed the banana stems as she explained the whole process so that the participants would understand the mistakes they did when they were building the former stove. She also removed the dirt that was stuck in the holes after removing banana stems so that the stove can properly work. She told the participants that Incase they leave that dirt stuck in the holes it would limit fire to move from the big pot to the small pot or times limits smoke from venting out the kitchen.She asked the participants to always look at the stoves that were built by kibo staff as they build stoves on their own. She also encouraged them to remain practicing because practice makes perfect. She reminded them that even if they make mistakes kibo will help them to correct those mistakes. The participants thanked kibo for loving them, patiently teaching them despite the mistakes they made. Harriet encouraged the owner of the home to smear her kitchen and the stove so that they look neat and lasts longer. Harriet started checking on smearing of the home facilities and stove usage. She had just reached three homes and one of the politicians who is contesting for women counselor showed up to seek for votes from the women.This forced most women to gather and listen to the manifesto of the contestants. HARRIET could not hold the members in their homes because listening to their candidates was equally important. She asked the participants to always let her know in advance when ever they are expecting a candidate. The chairperson of the group told her that it is very hard to tell because they always just showed up with out earlier notice. Harriet encouraged the participants to always follow up with each other and encourage one another in order to achieve development. 
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2020-08-24 - Purpose: To follow up on smearing of the home facilities as well guide participants as they build stoves on their own
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