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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson , the students know the causes of early marriages and the consequences.
Introduction Lorna went here to teach on Early marriages to the teens and youth of Mpumiro. Early marriage is a union between two people under the age of 18 years or it can be an arranged marriage between an older man and a young girl below 18 years. It is important for the teenagers to know the causes and dangers of Early marriages so that they can secure a good future. Lorna also taught on Abstinence and the importance of Abstaining. Overview When Lorna was about to reach she called the chairman informing him that she was about to reach but instead he told her he was at the hospital but, he promised that by the time Lorna reached, he would have also arrived. Indeed a few minutes later he arrived. However he told Lorna that today was a tricky day since the youth representatives were being voted today and so many youth had gone to a nearby school where this activity was happening. He told Lorna that let him go around and seek out a few that are available and can come. The pregnant lady that he was with also asked a Lorna to extend the teachings to Nawandyo a nearby LC and Lorna mentioned that next time the Chairman should mobilize them as well. When a few teenagers had come, Lorna decided to go with those that had come. At the beginning of the lesson, Lorna passed out some papers to the pupils and told them to write down any questions they want to ask on life skills and she will respond to them at the end of the lesson. The lesson started with a review where Lorna asked the students what they learnt about previously. They mentioned early pregnancies the causes and consequences. Some of the causes they reminded themselves were; Poverty, admiring things, ignorance, rape, defilement, sex as a taboo, bad peer groups among others. They also mentioned the dangers like ; school dropout, early marriages , HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, imprisonment, After the review, they then looked at the topic of the day Early marriages and the causes and consequences. The causes mentioned were; Early Pregnancy, poverty, bribery, greed, ignorance, School drop out, lack of empowerment, gender inequality, weak laws. The consequences of early marriages mentioned were; HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, Poverty, domestic violence, sexual violence, School dropout, phycological torture among others. They also looked at Abstinence, where they saw that Abstinence refers to staying away from something and in this case we were looking at Abstaining from sex. Lorna asked the class why they think they should Abstain and whether it was good to Abstain and they mentioned that yes and Lorna asked Why? .Shamirah said that when you Abstain from sex you avoid early pregnancy, Patricia mentioned one can also avoid early marriages, sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Lorna also added when you Abstain you give time for your friendship to grow, to know each other , make wise choices because both of you know what you want. Lorna mentioned that when you wait you choose your real partner but when you mess up now there is no guarantee that they will get married to you and if they do get married you will not be happy because you did not give yourselves time to grow to know each other. Abstinence keeps one focused on school rather than one thinking about the man , girl all the time or rather thinking if they are pregnant and then get stressed. Lorna told them to look for more reasons why they should Abstain and more consequences of early marriages. Conclusion At the end of the lesson Lorna got a chance to respond to the questions . The questions were on Menstruation where 1 was what is Menstruation. Lorna mentioned Menstruation as the monthly shedding of blood in girls and women . It happens when the egg is not fertilized. Another question was if one does not have pads, how do they help themselves? .Lorna mentioned that they can help themselves by asking their parents to help them or get good cotton clothes and Lorna showed them how they can sew them together and ensure they wash them and dry them under the sun or iron them. Another question was if one missed their periods does that mean they are pregnant?. Lorna said no but the no is if one is sure they were not involved in any sexual activity. Another reason is due to stress, hormonal changes, medication among others. They can check also with the doctor. Lorna thanked them for the questions and asked them to feel free to ask more the next time. 
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