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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community is ware of what good relationships entail and why it is important to have good relationships with others.
Introduction Lorna was in Nawampiti where she was to introduce relationship skills. Relations are an important part of our lives and when there is good relationships in our homes, community and among friends, the community thrives. Overview After the opening prayer was made, Lorna asked one of the community members to remind those that were not present about last weeks lesson. Samuel offered to take us through the review where we were able to look at the reasons why people drink and the dangers and also how we can help ourselves stop alcohol abuse or at least reduce on its consumption. An old woman told us of a story back in her days where they used to work at a place where they used to manufacture alcohol and of-course they used to drink some as well and they were just a nuisance but they also used to do it in hiding but one time they were caught and that was the end of it all. She encouraged the youth and the teens and parents present to stay away from Alcohol . She also mentioned that to stay away from it they need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Other ways to stop were to stay away from those groups of friends that influence you to drink , find other alternatives besides drinking, get accountability partners among others. After this review Lorna thanked Samuel for taking us through the review and after that she introduced Relationship Skills. Lorna mentioned what subtopics are under this topic where she mentioned, Importance of having good relationships, Managing emotions, Gender roles and responsibilities , A look at Bride price among others. They however started with the importance of having good relationships where Lorna asked whether it was important to have good relationships and they said yes. Lorna asked them what was the importance and they mentioned unity , development , people are happy , creation of friends among others. Lorna also took them through what it entails working together where she gave examples like some people in the community do not want to work with others or associate with others say for example ; in today’s meeting Lorna said they are some we have reached every day but they never just come for the meeting they keep saying go waste your time, if they are giving money let us know “ among others. Another example is when they loose someone in the village they never want to participate, when they have a savings group they are the ones that always discourage others. Lorna mentioned good relations entails respecting one another, being there for the other person, loving each other, going out of your way to see that the other person is happy among others. Good relationships entail wishing others well for example if the other is building a house, starting a business, getting married, gets pregnant. Instead of wishing something wrong for others, wish them well and be happy for them. Relating well with others also involves patience, cooperation, kindness , serving one another for example helping those that cannot help themselves in the community like the lame, elderly acts like fetching water, providing food, digging facilities like latrines ,constructing houses, sacrifice, appreciating one another , being available, listening ,supporting each other , getting rid of rumors and talking through everything to avoid future occurrences among others Conclusion Lorna encouraged the community members to always work hard towards having good relationships with one another be it with our friends, spouses or community at large because we all need each other. 
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12832 Samuel the youth leader of Nawampiti took the meeting through the review of the previous lesson Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The old lady kneeling in the picture was testifying how she drunk alcohol back in the day and how she eventually stopped and encouraged the youth and teens not to drink.