Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-08-19

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Harriet Kefeza,Jeska Nairuba 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet and Jeska went to Naibowa village to guide participants to form policies that will govern the healthy and safe kitchen program. They reached in the village and did not find any one at the meeting place.They decided to start walking around the village home to home as they mobilize the participants for the meeting. Later own they come to meeting to discuss with some participants who had turned up for the meeting. The meeting begun with an open prayer that was led by Pastor Wilber who thanked the Lord for providing journey mercies to kibo staff to visit their village. The chairperson LC1 of the village Mr. Kakaire Moses welcomed kibo staff to their village once again and promised to work hand in hand with kibo for easy program implementation in their village. Harriet asked the Healthy and Safe kitchen committee to re- introduce themselves so that members who were not there in the previous meeting can also get to know them.The committee stood up and introduced themselves each one by name and the the position. She also told the participants that this is a voluntary committee and therefore they are expected to be cooperative with them . Kibo staff asked the participants to identify the major challenges that may fail the program to be effective so that they can come up with the preventive measures or a solution to overcome them. Ms Babirye Hawa said that the major challenge is poor time management.she added that most participants always come to the meeting late when kibo staff have already arrived.Jeska paused a question that if they were to build a stove for that day when would it be done and at what time would they go back to Jinja. Ivan Ngobi said that the mere fact the participants turned up late for the meeting late if kibo had planned to build stoves on that day, it wouldn’t be possible to build stoves it wouldn’t be possible because it would require enough time yet the team would only need to go back to Jinja by 3:00pm. HARRIET asked the participants to propose and agree on the time when they should be meeting for the healthy and safe kitchen program.Some participants proposed the meeting to begin at noon where as the majority said that the meeting should be beginning at 11:00am. HARRIET asked them to suggest possible solutions to those ones who would come late to the meeting. After along argument participants proposed a fine of one thousand Uganda shillings or fetch four basins of termite dirt to the meeting as a punishment . HARRIET urged the participants to be committed, love one another value the intention of the program.One member Mr. Wakiso said that by being committed no one will be charged for late coming and the program will move one very first. Also there was a Concern of a member who might absent him/ Herself for more than for consecutive times when he/she had already got a stove. The group agreed that his/ her stove will be dismantled so that he/ she doesn’t benefit for others sweat since he/ she doesn’t want to work for them too. AMweiti Agnes asked that what if some one absents him/ her self due to sickness or death of a relative what should be done. The group said that the committee should be informed so that they can inform the rest of the group for that person not to be punished. They also suggested for sickness if a member has an old child he/ she can send the child to meeting to participate on his or her behalf. Members also agreed that after the members getting stoves and they are found not using stoves or cooking on three stones fire the stoves should be dismantled because they have shown no interest in using the stove. The meeting took long but productive and kibo staff was not able to teach about smearing which they postponed for Friday 21/8/20. The chairperson of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program in Naibowa village Ms. Juliet Namulondo thanked kibo for guiding them to form policies that will govern the program she called it a guiding tool. 
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2020-08-21 - Purpose: To guide participants to form small groups for easy program implementation as well as teach about smearing and its importance.
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Report Photos

12886 This man Mr.Mugodi is requesting the community to be cooperative with the healthy and safe kitchen committee for them to benefit out of the program.
12889 This old woman Florence was found cooking on three stones fire and she said that she suffers a lot with smoke which has affected her sight.
12892 Harriet together with the chairperson of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program Juliet Kirunda are encouraging/ mobilizing this woman to come and attend the healthy and Safe kitchens program lessons.
12895 The community by the show of hands are discussing on time as one of the challenges that may affect the program.The majority are deciding on 11:00am as the time to meet for healthy and safe kitchen program.