Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-08-31

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2020-09-01 06:21:58 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,roles and responsibilities,ownership and sustainability 
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Walyomu Alex 
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The water user committee had previously been left with a task to engage the whole village to contribute towards their borehole wall fence construction. For the last three weeks the water user committee has been in touch with Alex updating him what was being done to get the materials needed for the fence construction. On a very good note the village has managed to get all the 1600 bricks needed to construct this wall fence and the sand required for this purpose. Alex was able to see all this with his eyes and continued to call on the water user committee to still engage the village on what is left to be got to start the wall construction. The village residents and the water committee continued to plead to kibo group that the hardest of all was the cement and had suggested if they can turn to use cow dung to mix in the sand but again this would not make the wall fence last for long. Therefore it would require that cement is got before the wall fence construction starts and since it was clearly observed that the construction of the wall fence was very hard for the village to do alone, it was agreed that a partnership between kibo and the village happen where by the village contribute 40% of what is required to construct before Kibo can top on the 60%. We also discussed about the labor and Alex told the village to also continue to contribute some funds towards this as it’s estimated that it would cost 150,000 Ugx. WASH will hold a discussion with the country director on a way forward and when kibo can help to support this village with cement to start off the wall construction. The water user committee that was selected at the start of the water program has been very active towards all what is required for the well construction and Alex called on them to keep the fire burning remaining active and to remember that every household understands that the borehole belongs to the village and all have to participate towards keeping the borehole clean and with the required standards. The heavy rains that poured in the afternoon disorganized our plans as it couldn’t stop until later in the afternoon. The people begged Alex to open up the borehole to have a test of the water since the well they have been going to broke down two days ago. He felt sympathy for the people and he opened up the well for the village that was struggling to get clean water for drinking. The testing report for this water from the testing laboratory came out last week and the water was very safe for human consumption as it was said by the Draco drilling contractors. The village residents were called on to pump the well with care since the fence hasn’t yet been erected. Alex would therefore plan to go back to continue with training of the water user committee and with a plan when the construction of the borehole wall fence should start. 
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2020-09-14 - Purpose: Continue with the training of the water user committee and plan to start the construction of the wall fence around the new well.
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13177 Alex and Chris during a meeting with water user committee discussing the remaining steps left and a plan to start building the wall fence.
13180 Alex opened up the new borehole for the village to start water testing having eagerly waited for long and as we plan to start constructing the wall fence .
13183 Some of the village residents and the water committee very happy to start testing water from their new borehole.
13186 The 1600 bricks that have been brought at the borehole site.