Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Kiteigalwa - Bugiri

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-08-31

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2020-09-01 07:56:10 UTC
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assignment check,waiting 
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Harriet Kefeza,Tape Bwana 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet and Tape went to kiteigalwa follow up on stove usage,share evaluation findings and check the level of sustainability of the healthy and safe kitchen program. They reached in the village unexpectedly because they did not want participants to set themselves for them. They also wanted to find them in their day to day life. They reached in the village and started walking home to home . They begun with the chairperson of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program Namukwana to find out how she is progressing as a leader. They found when she had smeared her kitchen,had a firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood and a dish rack which was already in use. This was a good sign of showing that she was an exemplary leader. Kibo staff was joined by Namaukwana to other different homes of the participants as they shared with them evaluation findings. They walked through over 26 homes and they found when most of them were cooking on the fuel efficient stoves on daily basis. Except four homes that were found cooking on the three stones fire alongside side the fuel efficient stoves. One of them Ajjiambo had very good home facilities in place,well smeared however she was not using her stove on that day.she was found cooking on the three stone fire and when kibo staff asked her why she said that,she has been cooking on her stove on daily basis except when she doesn’t have big size of firewood.kibo re- sensitized her about the dangers of cooking on the open flames. They also taught her that even the small pieces of wood can also be used to cook on the fuel efficient stove. They did it practically so that she could prove. Also the other two home , the owners said that they cook pancakes for business thus uses the open flames to take care of pancakes. Kibo staff told them that the fuel efficient stoves fries pancakes better that the three stones fire.This is because the fuel efficient stoves vents smokes out, reduces heat in the entire kitchen since heat is contained in the stove only. Kibo staff also told them that this is very dangerous to fry pancakes on open flames since they cook in their kitchens with the children therefore there are more chances of children getting burnt by cooking oil which is more dangerous.They also showed them the picture of some people from other villages who fry pancakes on the fuel efficient stove. The participants felt encouraged and promised to change , they also thanked kibo for such kind message of encouragement though they have made mistakes. Another home the participants told Kibo staff that for her she doesn’t cook on open flames except the children especially when she is a way they cook on open flames. Kibo staff advised the parents to teach their children how to cook on the fuel effective they stove and the dangers of open flames. Generally the participants who performed poorly during evaluation they have greatly improved. They attributed this to evaluation that challenged them to put in place facilities that they were found lacking during that time.For example at least 90% of the participants that were visited that had firewood risen stands well stocked with firewood. They told kibo that they are not worried of firewood when the rain season starts since they have stocked enough firewood. As far as smearing is concerned some people had declined this has led to some stoves developing cracks which may lead to total destruction of the stove. The participants were told to smear their stoves so that they last longer.Also some smeared kitchen were spoiled by windy rains. Kibo staff encouraged them to re smear them so that they look neat and last longer. It was also nice to see every one welcoming kibo staff to their homes so that they tell them what they were missing. Also participants who had declined promised to improve and thanked kibo for loving them , visiting their village where they felt reminded. They equated it to church service when Christians are always remained about the word of God. 
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2020-09-23 - Purpose: To follow up on smearing ,stove usage especially those homes that were found cooking on three stones fire alongside the fuel efficient stoves. They claimed that the fuel efficient stove can not fry pancakes well.
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13291 Sahara’s strong firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.
13294 Tape showing Naiwumbwe how she can fix her broken stove.
13297 Namwase was found cooking on her stove and she told the kibo staff that the stove helped her to save firewood,time and improved Sanitation and hygiene in her kitchen.
13300 Kamida’s well smeared kitchen with the stoves that she uses every day and this is evidenced by the vent which had turned black due to smoke .