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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-28

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Diana Akurut 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community is aware of the causes of early pregnancies and early marriages and know that it is within their power to put an end to it.
Introduction Lorna and Diana were in Bubinga where they met with the third group where they were able to look at the causes and consequences of early pregnancies. Overview The meeting started late because the community members were still in their gardens digging. As we waited for more people to come to the meeting, Gadafi took us to see her house. Gadafi real names Ida was given the name Gadafi because she went through a lot whereby some of her children decided to abandon her, chase her away from her marital home forcing her to relocate and build another one. The boys went ahead and sold a huge piece of land whereby luckily enough her daughters ensured that she remained with another huge chunk as well. Gadafis husband passed on. She showed us her home, garden and we encouraged her to praise God that she had a large plantation of potatoes, maize , bananas and that she is still alive and when we asked her about who helps her to dig, she said herself. We encouraged her to thank God for strength and to forgive her children and know that one day they will come and ask for forgiveness. She asked whether that was possible and we told her everything is possible with God. Diana encouraged her to pray steadfastly but to start with forgiveness in her heart. After this we then walked back to the meeting place.Because the meeting started late we did not teach everything as planned. The meeting however started by a word of prayer, then everyone introducing themselves and then Lorna also asked Diana to introduce herself to the community. After introductions, Lorna mentioned the topic they were to look at which was on Early pregnancy and it’s consequences and also early marriages. Lorna asked whether there were any case so far concerning early pregnancy and they mentioned one case of which they said she is 18 years old in primary seven and the boy was in Highschool(s.4). Lorna asked whether the parents agreed and they said yes . Lorna said that that was unfortunate even though she was 18 years old it doesn’t mean that she was ready for marriage. Lorna then asked them what were the causes of early pregnancy in their village. We will focus on 2 things. Gadafi mentioned Girls admiring things like phones, sweets, chapatis, cakes, clothes among others. Lorna added that it’s obvious that these things are not being provided at home. Lorna encouraged the community to buy these things for their children and talk to them that if they need or want any of these things to talk to them because it is only them that can provide for them what they need without asking for anything back in return. She added that they can spare some small shillings and buy these things for their children like sweets, chapatis. Justine; She mentioned lack of basic needs like pads, knickers, bras. Lorna mentioned that parents should see that their children are beginning to develop breasts and therefore will need these things. On the case of pads she asked that parents provide their children with pads or make them reusable pads from clean pieces of cloth like cotton, face towels and sew them well together and ensure they are clean so that they don’t miss out on school but also so that they don’t go looking else where. Justine added that some parents even go out of their way and send their children to men to bring them food. Lorna added that this was wrong and that it is every parents responsibility to look after their own child and not vice versa. They are responsible for providing every need towards their children and therefore whoever does this should stop. Parents are like gods to their children that is the responsibility that was given them by God and therefore even though they don’t have money, Lorna encouraged them to talk to their children about the situation and encourage them everything will be okay. Diana looked at the consequences of early pregnancies; she however started by encouraging the parents to talk to their children regularly concerning life. She gave a story of her own dad who used to constantly tell them to take their studies seriously and that the boys will always be there. She told them her dad would always give them practical examples not to scare them but to point them to the right direction. One particular story came to mind where she said one day her dad broke a glass into pieces and told each of them to pick them up and put it back like it was before. They tried but no one could and he said if they messed up their lives that would be the result. Diana encouraged parents to always make time to talk to their children concerning life and what can destroy their future. The consequences mentioned were school dropout; she encouraged the community to keep their children in school because with an education the investment is with it. For example in future when they succeed they will be the proud ones with their heads held up high and now their children bringing them sugar, bread, food which they can’t do if they get pregnant and married off early. She also mentioned diseases like HIV/AIDS and other Sexually transmitted diseases. She told them that poverty is another thing that will befall them, both the parents and the children will be affected. This is because the pregnant child or the boy will be too young to fend for themselves, forcing them to look at their parents who are also struggling in life. Some boys are forced to go to the streets, because they fear responsibilities, which later makes them turn into street kids. Conclusion Lorna asked Justine what advice she can give to the parents. Justine mentioned that they should be like her mother. Justine said her mother never sends her out in the night , she is always questioning where she has been, her friends and even beats her when she goes wrong. She encouraged parents to have time to talk to their children like her mother does with her but many parents are careless and do not want anyone talking about their children. She said many people including parents would tell her we shall see where you will reach but she said she thanks God that now she is in high-school and that if it wasn’t for God and her mother the story would be different. She encouraged parents to take up their responsibilities. Justine was a student of Life Skills at Kivule Primary School. They were not able to tackle early marriages but left them with it as their homework. The other group Lorna will be meeting though will Look at early marriages next Friday. 
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2020-09-11 - Purpose: Meet the first group on the causes and consequences of early marriages and also look at abortion.
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13207 Lorna was describing a cycle of poverty.she mentioned that when their children get married early for example as a result of early pregnancy, chances are the children they bare will go through the same thing and it becomes very hard to destroy this circle of poverty therefore Lorna mentioned the only way to break this circle is by educating our children and talking to them concerning sex.
13210 Justine was contributing to the meeting on Causes of early pregnancies during the review