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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-31

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
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Early Pregnancy,Delaying Sex,Dangers of early marriage 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went back to this village to followup on the previous lesson a month ago on Early pregnancies it’s causes and dangers. Lorna met with the pupils of a Bulyowa Primary School as well as other schools and students of the nearby secondary school. Overview When Lorna arrived she met Mpata whom she asked to mobilize the pupils and students and he told her everything was set the students would be coming in no time and indeed after a short time they started coming. The meeting started with a word of prayer and Denis led us in the national anthem. Lorna then greeted the pupils and students and also they had a quick introduction. After this she asked them how their homes are and how their parents are doing. They responded well while others said there parents are sick. Lorna asked one Cindy what was wrong with her parents and she said her father fell off the bicycle and twisted his arm but he was taken to a traditional attendant and she said they put it back in position. Her mother though has pressure and so her arms and legs get swollen. Lorna encouraged her to be strong and pray everything will be okay and asked also that they go to the hospital for further checkup. After this Lorna asked them to remind her what they learnt about previously. Nabirye said we learnt about early pregnancy. She asked them to remind her of what these causes were; Franco mentioned poverty and Lorna said it is true poverty does lead to early pregnancy for example our parents produced many children and not having enough income to take care of the children it can force the girl to look else where and in the end she may get herself pregnant. Saul mentioned lack of basic needs like clothes, shelter, food , pads also lead to early pregnancy. Lorna encouraged them to be patient with their parents when they don’t have these need to at least be grateful that they are alive and grateful for whatever meal that they get to eat. Another answer was bad peer groups ; Lorna encouraged them to avoid these groups that encourage them to do things that they are not comfortable with among others. They also looked at the different consequences like ; imprisonment ,death while giving birth, diseases like hIV/AIDS , syphilis, gonorrhea, early marriages , School drop out, poverty among others. They also looked at Early marriages and its consequences where Lorna started by asking them if there were any cases of early marriage in the village and they said yes. Lorna asked them what are the causes of these marriages; they mentioned poverty in their homes, Reagan made the groups laugh when he said they want to go for it themselves. Another cause was early pregnancy, school dropout, parents forcing their children into marriages , Alcoholic parents who make poor decisions ,Abusive parents who force their children out of their homes into marriages, lack of enough empowerment of the girl child, gender inequality , greedy parents who want to make money out of their children among others. They were also able to look at the consequences like; Sexual violence, domestic violence , poverty since none of them the boy or girl are skilled enough where they can earn enough money to provide for their family. Lorna told them that none of them at their age can manage a family because it entails a lot. For example buying food, looking after the child if they are sick , they have no idea about family planning therefore they will be forced to produce kids they can barely take care of. Also stigma from their friends who are still going to school and other community members because they know that they are young and they will be in hiding all the time because they are ashamed to be seen. Lorna therefore encouraged them to say No to sex to avoid all these problems and stay in school. The only way they can do this is abstaining from sex. Conclusion In conclusion, they looked at Abstaining from sex where they looked at the importance of Abstaining. Some of the important reasons they looked at were ; to avoid early pregnancy, avoid early marriages, avoid sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/ AIDS , syphilis, to be able to stay in school, to build on friendships among others. Since the students were tired and hungry, we decided to stop here and we will start from here on the next visit. Lorna encouraged them to avoid bad peer groups, not to walk in the night, say no to sex, not to go to the campaigns and respect their parents. Lorna will communicate when next they will meet. 
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2020-10-19 - Purpose: Continue with the topic on abstinence
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13216 Lucy was contributing to the consequences of early pregnancy.