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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2020-08-24

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2020-08-27 09:21:53 UTC
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Bible Lesson 4: Loving others 
Ida taught about Loving others. We have to love Others irrespective of their skin or color. We do not have to help people because we know them. It was a very interesting topic that was welcomed by every one. In this she related the story to the Good Samaritan, who took good care of the battered man, he nursed him,and took him to a heathy center for further treatment. When doing this we do not expect a pay back,because our reward comes from God. The people we help might also in another way help us or our children when we are stuck. She demonstrated to the group how the Good Samaritan was left lying in a pool of blood. Diana also came in added on the same topic, she encouraged them to keep Loving others, she gave a story of a street child who needed help and was in the cold shivering, the couple was passing and the lady noticed the this boy who only needed little money for food, the man refused, but the woman insisted and gave this boy money. After a period of time, the woman was being evicted and the person who came to her rescue was the boy she helped many years back. This moved the group, and they really promised that they will try all it takes to help other people. After, the lesson, the chairman also gave his story, on how he went to a certain hospital to check on his sick mother, he by passed the leprosy ward without greeting them, he even didn’t want to look at them, unfortunately he didn’t find his mother, he came back wanting to find out, where his mother was, some lady responded, ‘your are also sick, Thant’s why you have come back’. She later directed him where the mother had gone. He therefore encouraged the group to love Others, and not despise other people. 
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2020-08-31 - Purpose: Ida, is going to continue teaching the story of Loving others in another concept that is marriage. How will the lesson help the community in their marriage?
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13246 Akurut Diana encouraging members to love without expecting something back.
13249 Ida was in the process of demonstrating how the battered man was left lying in the pool blood.