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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2020-09-02

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Bible Lesson Five: God’s forgiveness 
Ida went to Nawandyo to teach about God’s forgiveness. She asked one member to lead the recap which she conducted well. Serugobi commented on the previous lesson about the Good Samaritan story which he said that touched his life. He promised to change his ways to being a better person who cares for others. Ida then told the story of the lost son but using the names of the members as the characters. They understood the passage and related it to their own lives. Hajat said that they are just the same as the lost son because of what they do. Namwase encouraged the members to forgive so as to be forgiven. The father is waiting for us to make a step and is eagerly waiting for us! Ida also talked about the son who stayed at home. We can also get lost from home. Once we become jealous of our friends, neighbors, co-wives, we will act like the son who got lost from home because he lost the point. He didn’t understand the fathers point of rejoicing when the lost son from the far county came back home. When our brothers and sisters come back home, let’s rejoice because that’s what the father expects from us but not hatred. Namwase testified that her co-wife ran away for three years but when she came their husband bought for her a new gomesi(traditional dress) That act hurt her that she fought with the co-wife but later the husband solved the issue now they are both happy each one in her home. 
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2020-09-07 - Purpose: To teach about God’s forgiveness in group A.
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13306 Cute children watching and listening to Ida as she was telling the story of the lost son. The parents were chasing them away and Ida asked them to leave the children because they are the future group members.