Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-09-02

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Walyomu Alex 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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construction,standards,hand washing 
Alex held a joint meeting with village leaders, sanitation committee and the water user committee to discuss about the current village sanitation status. These leaders that attended the meeting first appreciated Alex and kibo group for working with Butabira village and many of the people in the village have improved their sanitation standards during this time kibo has worked in the village. The village secretary testified that Butabira has moved a big step compared to all the neighboring villages like Buganza and Irondo who admire a lot that is happening in the village. Because of this sanitation program in Butabira village, a spill off effect has started to be felt in the neighboring villages. One man known as Gerald present at the meeting from Buganza village confessed that it was because of Kibo’s efforts that enabled him to get a new pit latrine in his home and borrowed one of the pick axes that was given by Kibo group to Butabira to dig a new pit latrine. He is now constructing those other facilities in his home and he was encouraged by Alex to also teach others in his village to be like him. During the meeting it was noted that the village leaders observe a great improvement in their village and continue to thank kibo group for the efforts since it joined Butabira village back in February. The pit latrine construction, bathroom, , rubbish pits and hand washing facility construction has improved greatly, Alex encouraged all the leaders that attended the meeting to jointly work together and attain the required sanitation standards. The water user committee in particular was reminded to start talking to all the water users to contribute money towards their borehole repair since the village has to raise 35% of the money towards the repair before Kibo group can top on the 65%. The water user committee promised to have a meeting with all the water users soon and immediately start collecting the money needed. This borehole continues to have rampant breakdowns and the water user committee were very happy that this would soon get over as kibo group has come out to help this village. Many people draw water from this only borehole in the village and its also believed that people from neighboring villages of Buganza and Irondo come to this borehole making it very congested at all times and other people from the lower part of the village have to get water from the pond mostly people from the section of the vice chairman being located more than 2km from this borehole. There is a very big out cry from the village to repair the borehole as well as adding anew borehole in the village in the water stressed part of the village. However the sanitation component need to be addresssed first, Alex talked to the leaders to step up more and help the village reach the required sanitation standards before the borehole is repaired. They were also told that Kibo group was considering to carry out a second evaluation in the village to understand the general sanitation improvements in the village after more than 6 months into the sanitation and hygiene program. 
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2020-09-04 - Purpose: To follow up on sanitation improvements in the village and prepare to conduct second evaluation next week.
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13336 Alex Walyomu meeting with sanitation committee, water committee and the village leaders and discussed about the general sanitation standards of the village and ways to speed up the program as well as preparing the village for the second evaluation
13339 Some of the village leaders that were present for the meeting that took place at the village borehole site.