Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-09-09

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David Balimunsi
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2020-09-10 09:10:54 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-09-10 11:19:45 UTC
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03:06-17:27 (14 h 21 m)
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12:00-15:04 (3 h 4 m)
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11 h 17 m

Household visits

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Preparations for the next evaluation 
Staff Attendees
David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
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LC1,VHT,Parish Councillor 
David and Steven were in Ndhalike village. Their intentions of going there was to prepare the sanitation committee members for the next coming evaluation as well as encouraging the homes which were still lagging behind to work and get improved. As David and Steven were in the village , they were joined by mugote Steven,kisame Fred, kalori and mapiti the committee members who led them into the specific homes which were still lagging behind. Out of the different homes David and the group visited this is what was noted, They were so much encouraged with Villiano lsabirye one of the most complicated member who was found when he had finished the construction of his latrine and even the roof structure the shelter,and hand washing stand was only left to be plastered. Therefore David and the committee members they kept on encouraging villiano lsabirye to plaster his hand washing stand . Because it would sustainably help him years and years. When they continued moving in Ezekiel mufumbiro and Badhilu kakungo,s homes ,David and the group of the sanitation committee members they were so much encouraged. Reason was that they found some good progress in above mentioned two homes of Ezekiel mufumbiro and Badhilu kakungo,s homes . They saw that the two homes had started digging pits in their promises. It was David and Steven,s total joy finding the good progress in the two homes . Because originally the two homes had some conflicts between them and their father. The father of Ezekiel mufumbiro and Badhilu kakungo had not showed them where exactly they were supposed to dig their latrine pits . So now and again David and Steven they had tried to sit along with them solving their issues of the daddy allocating for the two above mentioned son where to dig their latrine pits . However David and Steven were so much encouraged when the daddy mr Kilize of the two sons had allowed and even showed them where exactly to start digging the two pits . So on that note one of the son was seen constructing his kitchen and while the other was digging his latrine pit . Because the elder son of mr kilize had raised a complain saying that the brother dint want to share the pick axe two days at a time . Therefore David requested the committee to intervene into that . So that the two sons would start sharing the pick axes . They left the two homes when the other son had agreed sharing the pick axe in intervals . Later David led the group into the a small meeting. They were discussing how best the they would divide up the village for easier and smoother evaluation process. They all agreed that the committee members will be dividing up themselves and each kibo staff will be moving with two of the committee members home to home during the evaluation process. Later David reminded the committee to help the homes which were still lagging behind to start working hard and getting improved . 
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2020-09-16 - Purpose: To carry out the second evaluation
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13438 Seen in the picture above is David the kibo staff along with some committee members during the home to home movements encouraging Enosi,s home one of the homes still lagging behind