Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-09-11

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Follow up on sanitation improvements in the villag 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex visited Butabira village to follow up on the homes that were still lagging behind after conducting the second evaluation in the village. He had also gone to meet with the village leaders and the sanitation committee about the evaluation findings after the whole village had been evaluated to know the status of the village. During the evaluation in the village, it was generally noticed that the village had greatly improved mostly to construct new pit latrines , rubbish pits and hand washing stands in the village. The other facility that was still struggling is the construction of standard dish racks as most of the people have a challenge to get the right poles to construct these dish racks. Also there was still a certain small percentage of people that haven’t yet constructed on their new open pits and still waiting to get bigger logs to cover the pits before constructing the structures. Alex specifically went to the lower part of the village to visit the homes that were still lagging behind and needs more encouragement to be able to improve. He targeted mostly the family of Modo which was one still badly off with some of them still practicing open defecation. On a very good note he met all of them at home something that was never easy to get people in this home before. Modo Stephen made an agreement and promised to construct on the two open pits in their homes with in a week. Jovan was another individual that had for a long time failed to construct on his new open pit but this day he was found when he had completed working in the floor and was gathering bricks to build the structure while in another home for Gandhi he had completed building a new structure and was encouraged to roof it as quickly as possible before the rains bring it down. He met with the sanitation committee members and the village chairman to discuss the current village sanitation status and all agreed that there was still more work to do in the village since some homes were still badly off and need more encouragement to meet the standards. It was also agreed that those still having new pits but not yet constructed on be encouraged and followed up to construct on them as soon as possible. Also a village sanitation meeting should be organized soon to talk to all the people about what is still lagging behind and discuss ways together a s a village to have everyone meet the required standards. The village has generally done very well to construct hand washing stands in their homes and many have managed to construct two in their home. They also held a discussion about the old borehole that needs urgent intervention to repair and resolved that the village people should be talked to in a meeting to start contributing towards the borehole repair and the water user committee is ready to start mobilizing the village to contribute the required funds towards their borehole repair. This is the only borehole this village has and yet its being shared amongst three villages. This puts it a high risk of breaking down at all times because of the congestion and the bad parts that needs to be changed. WASH has also considered to add a second well to this village because some people still struggle to walk long distance to get water and some going to the swamp to get water for home use. WASH will continue to follow up on the homes still lagging behind and engage all the people to meet the required standards and the goal this month is to drive the village to meet the required sanitation standards and have the village contribute borehole funds for their borehole repair. 
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2020-09-16 - Purpose: Follow up on sanitation improvements in the village mostly in the upper part of the village and the East side of the village specifically those homes that are still lagging behind to have all the required sanitation facilities.
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13505 Alex talks to a young man about maintenance of the pit latrine and the regular use of ash in the pit latrine.
13514 Alex talks to a young man who constructed a new hand washing stand for his family and encouraged him and the family to use it regularly after visiting their pit latrine. This family expressed its joy for having this kind of hand washing stand and appreciated Kibo for the new idea
13523 New pit latrine structure for Gavume’s pit latrine
13526 New bathing shelter for an old lady in Butabira village