Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-09-16

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Alex Walyomu
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2020-09-17 11:13:38 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2020-09-17 12:09:50 UTC
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10:53-18:22 (7 h 29 m)
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13:10-16:09 (2 h 59 m)
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Check on sanitation improvements in the village 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex together with the village chairman and one sanitation committee member called Enock Goowa focused mainly in the lower part of the village following up on the homes that were still lagging behind after the recent evaluation that was conducted by WASH staff. The village in general had improved greatly for the last two months and mainly the latrine coverage and kitchen had increased mostly Alex has resorted to be more creative with these individuals to get them improve and meet the village sanitation standards, currently the village latrine coverage has reached about 85% with most of the remaining people that have completed digging new pits but need to construct on them. There is a big outcry from many of them that there is a big scarcity of trees to put on the open pits before constructing on them. On a good note, yesterday Alex together with the village chairman were happy to see many of the homes that had completed constructing hand washing facilities and Alex gave them Jerrycans to practice hand washing after visiting the pit latrines. Many of them have constructed two hand washing facilities for two purposes, One at the front for anyone to wash their hands before coming in the home as a measure to curb the spread of COVID and the other constructed next to the pit latrine to wash their hands after visiting the toilet. Alex visited the homes in the lower section and noticed some improvements made since last week’s evaluation conducted by WASH, Omodo Steven was met when he had completed constructing a new structure on his new pit which was open last week and Jovan too had completed building a new structure on his pit latrine. The sanitation committee has been encouraged to now put more focus on the construction of dish racks as this is now with a very low percentage even though there is a big challenge on this for people to get the right poles to build the dish racks. Another set of 30 Jerrycans were given out to the homes that had completed to construct and plaster their hand washing stands with cement. The people were very happy to receive these Jerrycans from Kibo group as they had promised. The percentage of the people that have completed constructing these hand washing facilities has increased because many have responded positively, the focus will shift to engage the village to increase on the percentage of dish racks as this is very low currently. Also the village will start to be engaged to contribute money towards their borehole repair as this is another big problem in the village since the current borehole is at the verge of breaking down again soon. A village sanitation and water meeting has been scheduled for next week on Friday to discuss together how to speed up the sanitation program and the village to start contributing money for their borehole repair. 
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2020-09-18 - Purpose: Continue follow up on sanitation improvements in the village mostly in the upper part and continue mobilizing the village for a village Sanitation and water meeting next week.
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13613 This little boy was happy to receive a hand washing jerrycan from Kibo group and he quickly ran to place it on the stand
13616 Akoli David also completed his hand washing stand and received a jerrycan from Kibo group
13619 Opio Jorem was happy to receive a hand washing jerrycan from Kibo group
13622 Mrs.Alex Muruga also was happy to get a hand washing Jerrycan from Kibo group
13625 Omodo Stephen has made progress to construct on his new pit latrine. For a very long time he has been having an open pit