Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kalalu

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2020-09-21

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Tom Ngobi
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2020-09-22 12:32:22 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2020-09-22 12:59:32 UTC
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10:10-18:55 (8 h 45 m)
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12:30-15:35 (3 h 5 m)
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To check on sanitation and hygiene imprpvements 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom and Chris made a visit to Kalalu village to check on sanitation and hygiene improvements with emphasis on hand washing stand construction as well as dish rack construction. When they reached the village, they were welcomed by committee members who waiting for them at the meeting place. They first held a brief meeting where they discussed about the progress of the program in the village. The members from the lower section said the program of the construction of hand washing stands has improved greatly and that many residents are starting to appreciate the importance of the hand washing stands. Mr Mulega one of the committee members from the lower section and is also heading the dish rack committee in the village said that also five dish racks were constructed at the weekend. He said many residents are now starting to embrace the program positively. After the meeting, the committee members suggested they move in one of the sections in the upper section that is a little isolated away from the trading center. Tom and Chris had never been in this section before. Chris was not feeling well so he decided to stay at the chairman’s place as Tom and the committee members moved around. They started off from the chairman’s home towards the trading center and later to that section of the village. In the homes near the trading center, Tom and the committee members advised the residents to construct the hand washing stands as well as dish racks. One of the committee members Miss Namasoga was encouraging the residents to pay for the iron sheets so that they can roof their latrines. In one home, the committee members advised a member who had just put a mud slab on his Latrine pit to expand the mud floor to give the structure most strength. They also encouraged the family to construct the hand washing stand near their latrine. In the home of Mr Sunday, The committee members and Tom advised him to finish his latrine. He said he was going to construct the slab in the next week. Two of his neighbors were also advised to finish their latrines. One resident had just hired a resident to construct him a dish rack but it was not being constructed to good standard. The committee members advised the residents on how to construct the dish rack using the new dish rack model. Other residents were also encouraged on the construction of hand washing stands, rubbish pits and dish racks. One old resident also was able to pay for his iron sheet after she was explaining to by the committee members about the Values of constructing with the iron sheet. 
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2020-09-25 - Purpose: Tom will be going to Kalalu villag with chris to check and encourage residents on sanitation and hygiene improvements. He will also be meeting the committee members to advise them on how to carry out the evaluation for the month of September
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13748 A child standing next to their newly constructed hand washing stand
13760 A hand washing stand recently constructed next to a tippy tap
13763 Committee members advising a resident on his dish rack