Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-09-23

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2020-09-24 08:45:21 UTC
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2020-09-29 09:05:09 UTC
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WASH Second Survey 
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Follow up on sanitation improvements in the villag 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Together with 5 sanitation committee members and Ndhalike village chairman Mr. Anthony, they moved with Alex in the village starting from the upper part of the village walking home to home up to the last home in the upper part belonging to Mr. Zacharia bordering the next village of Nambale village. Alex wanted to follow up on the sanitation facility standards in every home and the target homes that still needed to do more to improve. It was observed that every home almost had a hand washing stand constructed in the front yard of the house and another behind next to the pit latrine. Alex was very amazed that people took up this effort to construct these hand washing facilities with pride and one old man called Steven was very proud that he was able to construct it for himself without any one’s help and it’s for sure great work done by David and Steven together with the sanitation committee to encourage all the village residents realize the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene practices. They moved in these homes encouraging the people to maintain their sanitation standards as well as encouraging those whose old facilities were collapsing to put up new ones most especially the dish racks. They also targeted those homes about 9 in the village that reflected to still need to improve. Enosi and his brother have started to construct on their new open pit and promised to complete it in two days. Ivan Kamini decided to agree with his brother and construct a two roomed pit latrine for both to use. It was noticed that it’s just a few of the things for the village to work on and will be encouraged to continue working and improving. This in simple terms it’s still work in progress. However the sanitation standards for this village have greatly improved and the village chairman is very happy that kibo group has done so much to put his village on another level whereby every visitor that come to this village is amazed by what they see and there is a spill off effect observed in the neighboring villages. Alex shared the evaluation findings with the sanitation committee members and the village leaders about the current village sanitation status. They were also encouraged to continue encouraging all the village members to work on their hygiene and sanitation standards. It’s simply work in progress and the people need to know is that the hygiene and sanitation standards should be maintained at all times and So the leaders need to play a key role on this. The few homes in the village that still have some work to do should be given priority to also meet the standards. The available borehole that was drilled by kibo about 8 years ago broke down in the morning and the village residents are now getting water from a shallow well in the swamp and a dangerous open hole that was recently dug in the upper part of the village. It’s because of the congestion that cause this borehole to breakdown so often. WASH will soon start to prepare the village for a new borehole to add in this village but at the same time the water user committee for this old borehole promised to have the hand pump mechanic look at their borehole and have it repaired very soon. WASH staff will plan to give out hand washing Jerrycans to Ndhalike village next week as they plan to introduce the water program as well. WASH group will continue to follow up on sanitation and hygiene standards in the village and the remaining few individuals in the next two weeks before the final evaluation is conducted and before the borehole drilling in this village. 
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2020-09-30 - Purpose: To continue followups on the few homes still having some work to do to improve their sanittion standards. Engaging village residents who have old dishracks to construct new ones as this percentage is low as was conducted in the previous evaluation.
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13788 Alex moved together with the sanitation committee members in the village to check on sanitation improvements and follow up on those specific homes that were still having work to do. These kinds of hand washing stands are almost in every home
13791 This Muzei constructed this hand washing stand by himself and he is proud of. He is eagerly waiting for a hand washing jerrycan in his home.
13797 Because of a long distance and congestion on the one borehole in the village drilled by Kibo group about eight years ago, some of the homes decided to dig a shallow well in the upper part of the village but its a big risk to this village the fact that it’s open and it’s the kids fetching water from it. It’s 60ft deep
13812 Alex together with the sanitation committee members visited Zacharia’s home and liked the fact he built his new bathroom top with cement to prevent it from easily being damaged by the rains. This is something that every home needs to be encouraged to do for sustainability purposes
13815 About 20 homes in a section from this village were having great challenges to get water because of a long distance from the borehole and decided to dig a shallow well where they are currently getting water. This however is very dangerous since it’s open.