Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-09-25

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2020-09-29 09:57:41 UTC
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Walyomu Alex 
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Chris Bulolo 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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construction,standards,hand washing 
Alex W and Chris Bulolo were in Butabira village for a water and sanitation meeting with the village residents and discussed about their village sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as the need to contribute towards their borehole repair. The village chairman first appreciated Kibo group for the love they have showed Butabira village in general, Kibo labors so much to see that the people in Butabira are alive and healthy something that just explains enough how they love them. The village chairman however registered his dissatisfaction that some of his people hadn’t improved on their hygiene and sanitation standards and mostly the youths have been seen as stubborn people. Alex and Chris then shared with all the people the data that had been collected during the recent survey showing that about 20% of the people don’t yet have pit latrines that meet the standards or still have to work on them, dish rack coverage was still low and the facility standards needed to be emphasized because some of the finished pit latrines are not yet roofed. This meeting was to encourage the village residents to work more and improve on their sanitation standards and decide on a period to have all the village homes meet the required sanitation standards. On a very good note some of the people that attended the meeting were those that were still lagging behind and two of them stood up and promised everyone that they are to pull their socks and complete all the facilities within a week having realized that they are doing disservice to themselves and the entire village. Many of the people confessed in a meeting that indeed Kibo group has treated their village with love and feel ashamed that some of the people haven’t yet met the required standards. Kibo has played its part very well encouraging all the people and guiding them while constructing their sanitation facilities but it’s a shame that up to now some of the people haven’t done what they are supposed to do. The village people all thank Kibo group for fulfilling all that they have promised them and now everyone in the village knows kibo group as a genuine organization and now trust us with whatever they tell the village. All the village people that attended the meeting decided that two weeks are enough for everyone to work and meet the standards with no excuse since everything was given to us by Kibo group. The water user committee was also present and encouraged the water users from Butabira, Irondo and Buganza to make sure they have clean homes and contribute money towards their borehole repair since a golden opportunity is here for their borehole to be repaired by Kibo group after the village has contributed its 35% towards the repair. The village was told that they have to first meet the sanitation standards asked by Kibo group and also contribute about 700,000/= towards their borehole repair before kibo group can help fix this broken borehole. Currently there is a very big challenge of water as this borehole breaks down almost every month and has cost a lot of money for the village. A lot of focus will be put on those still lagging behind and dish rack construction as well as guiding the village on standards of the facilities. 
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2020-09-30 - Purpose: Continue follow up on new facility construction and standards as well as discuss with water and sanitation committee members about speeding up the sanitation program.
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Report Photos

13917 The meeting took place at the borehole site and about 60 people turned up for this meeting to discuss about improvements in the sanitation and hygiene standards and contributing money towards their borehole repair
13926 A new hand washing stand being covered by rugs to dry properly and not develop cracks. A hand washing Jerrycan was given out to this home but could not to start using it before the stand dries up
13929 Mrs. Peter Okello is very thankful to kibo group for encouraging her husband to build their first bathing shelter in their home. For very long time their home never had one but could wait to take showers at night in the dark. She confessed this to Alex during his visit in this home where in the beginning was badly off without any sanitation facility and human feaces used during triggering was found in this home because they were practicing open defecation.
13932 Some of the village residents that turned up for the water and sanitation meeting