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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-09-28

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Dangers of Abortion 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, we all agree that Abortion is like killing someone. By the end of the lesson , the community is able to mention the causes of Abortions and dangers.
Introduction In today’s visit Lorna went to this village where she taught on Abortion.Abortion is illegal in Uganda and is punishable by imprisonment for both the offender, the aid and the witness. Today we were looking at the causes and dangers of Abortion. Overview Lorna went to Bubinga where she taught on Abortion. However before this topic, Lorna mentioned previously we looked at Early marriages, causes and dangers and today Lorna asked what is eachone of them in the meeting going to do about this issue to see that it doesn’t happen to them or their community. One lady said that for her she will try as much as possible to talk to her children but also encouraged the men to do so because children belong to both the man and woman. However Kadubuli said there are things that aman canning discuss with their female child so the mothers should do so. Lorna mentioned that it is possible for the men or fathers to talk to their children. Another man said how do you even start , he mentioned for example talking periods. Lorna mentioned that it comes from a place of relationship which is lacking among the fathers. She mentioned that when the children get pregnant they will be blaming their mothers but where were they in the picture. Another lady mentioned that some children have failed to listen and Lorna mentioned they shouldn’t give up. Another pint given was arrest the culprits that get their daughters pregnant . Another reason was to keep their children even when pregnant not to give them away in marriage and also send them back to school. Lorna mentioned also to strive hard to keep their children in school because at school children are seen as children or young compared to when they are not in school where they seem all grown and are at a disadvantage to boys or men out there . Lorna encouraged them to keep them in school both the girls and boys. On today’s lesson on Abortion, we looked at what Abortion is and defined it as the forceful removal or termination of a fetus . Lorna asked them whether this was a good practice and they said no it is like killing. When Lorna asked one of the members if their daughter got pregnant while still at school wouldn’t they terminate the pregnancy?. One man said if it’s his daughter he would let her remove it or Abort it. Sarah mentioned that by doing that he is allowing his daughter to do it again and this time without letting her parents know and it can be fatal. Sarah told of her story when she got pregnant with her first child in Primary seven but only discovered when she was 6 months and this was after the teachers at school called her in and questioned her if she was pregnant. When the parents found out her mother told her she has to abort and they did everything possible but the child did not die . She was able to give birth but unfortunately the child died at 2 years, he just fell sick and died. Therefore on the causes or reason for abortion, she mentioned that some parents especially mothers are the reason why their children carry out abortion. Another cause was fear or parents where the girl is forced to abort because if the parents found out they would beat her or marry them off. Lorna asked the parents to be tough but not overly tough and to befriend their children so that these conversations are comfortable.. Another cause was peer pressure from friends of the girl, friends of the mother, Another was fear of responsibilities as a young other , fear of their lives changing , being laughed at by peers, fear of School drop out, negligence of the boy child or man responsible, among others. They also looked at the dangers of Abortion where one man gave an example of a lady now a Reverend who aborted over 6 times and failed to get a child in her adult life and decided to turn into a reverend. They also gave an example of the speaker of parliament who is not married and has no child yet and they said because she aborted many times. Lorna however mentioned that they should not mention or say what they don’t knowT.They mentioned death as another danger, diseases like HIV/ AIDS , regret of whether they made the right decision or no. Repeated abortions may occur since they did it the first, second time and this can affect their uterus. Heavy bleeding that can still lead to death, infections due to crude methods, low self esteem, scar tissue on the uterine wall among others . Conclusion Lorna concluded by asking the group supposing your child was raped or defiled and got pregnant what would you do. Most of them said first they deal with the culprit, test for HIV/ AIDS and then look after their child until they give birth then send them back to school. They did not agree with abortionLorna mentioned that this was not to promote early pregnancy but to know that if their girl or boy got pregnant or impregnated someone, they should take responsibility and not terminate life because no one has a right to take life. She urged them to pass on this message to others who did not come. They thanked Lorna for the Lesson and told her not to give up on them. They will be looking at Abstainence next week. 
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2020-10-02 - Purpose: conclude with early marriages and teach new topic Abortion , its causes and dangers
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