Mvule Community Development - Nabikenge - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2018-03-19

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Alex Bamulumbye
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2018-03-19 05:43:58 UTC
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2018-03-22 09:31:06 UTC
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Current State

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The community has began to make bricks as individuals for development . 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To meet and come up with a project they can do as a community 
Staff Action Steps
Call and remind the members of the meeting 
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
The members are poor at managing time 
Village Notes
The rain season is now on and community members are busy,some are planting their crops and those that planted early enough are waiting for their crops to germinate and begin weeding. The few also are busy making bricks since rain water is available for them as they prepare soil for bricks. 

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye 
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Mvule Project 
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community meeting 
It started raining as soon as Alex arrived the village.The meeting is always at the home of the chairperson Miss. Margret Nabirye. Miss. Margret had taken the goats for grazing and the rain got her there before she came back.It rained for some time leading to the members coming late to the meeting . Alex B and the members went to see the garden where they planted the groundnuts .They planted one and half acres. They planted on 15/3/2018 and reported that most of the members participated in that exercise and work was done willingly. The garden is clean and they will be spraying in a weeks time. Alex advised them to get rid of bushes around their gardens to avoid wild moles that may destroy their groundnuts. Alex reminded those that have not yet paid in the money for drugs to do so and not miss as it may led to poor yield. He reminded them always to participate when they are called to work in the garden or any of their group projects. Alex also asked them to begin thinking of how they are going to store groundnuts. The harvest of groundnuts is after three months though needs a lot of time to tend to it. The discussion was held in the garden where they are to plant the gnuts and the members were happy to have it from there because most of the talk was about their garden. 

Report Photos

2006 Those are some of the members when they had finished to plant the groundnuts.This is one acre and 20 kgs was planted in one acre.