Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Budumba - Unassigned

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-03-24

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2018-03-28 01:26:52 UTC
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There is a lot of unity being exercised amongst the community members and realizing that everything is possible if they work together 
Village Critical Needs
The need for clean water and a nearby health facility 
Village Action Steps
To continue working together as they fundraise all the money needed for the borehole construction and account 
Staff Action Steps
To plan going back to complete the borehole land agreement before the borehole drilling takes place 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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The people in this villlage currently get water from the shallow borehole in the swamp and from another borehole located 2.5km in another village called kisowozi but the water is salty 
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Village Notes
This community was divided and disorganized when the government tried to give them a borehole last year. It took Kibo an extra mile to reorganize the community and prepare them very well before they could reach this step. The borehole survey was done successfully without any disruptions and fights as it was last time 

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Walyomu Alex 
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It took two days before the surveyor could come up with a good water point to be drilled in Budumba. Alex was in Budumba on the 24/03/2018 and and spent part of the day of 25/ 03/2018 with the surveyor. This village too just like Buyange village, were very tricky for the surveyor to get good results that can be relied upon to find water. The people in Budumba had again become very worried that they were to miss out another chance again and had began to think that God does not love Budumba community. The first time when the government tried to punch a borehole in their village, the people were very disorganised and disrupted the whole process and so the borehole was not drilled. This time round the people were very organised and all maintained peace and participated in the whole process of the borehole survey. It was until the following day that the surveyor managed to get a water point that is very promising and all the people in the village were very happy. It still helped that this point is not off the village or very far from the people but relatively in the middle of the village. Our prayer is that this water point can have water when drilling takes place. Alex will have to go back and complete with the land agreement issue before drilling takes place. The land owner has to willingly provide a land agreement before the borehole can be drilled. 
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Report Photos

2126 The community members following the water surveyor to the first point to be surveyed. All the people were very excited
2132 The survey in Budumba was also very challenging to get good results
2135 The committee mobilizer Mr. Fred holding the marked water point that was confirmed by the surveyor.
2138 All the community members surrounding the surveyor and witnessing how it’s done
2144 Many people waited to see what the surveyor was doing and eagerly waited for the good results from the surveyor