Community Empowerment - Bukhudumira

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-05-17

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Community Empowerment Lessons

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Bible Lesson 8: Teaching Children 
Diana went to Bukhudumira, to continue teaching horse and responsibilities according to age group. Diana got the community ready for the lessons. The chairman welcomed Diana and thanked her with the entire Kibo for not getting tired of them. He apologized on behalf of some people who were not able to attend the lessons, because they were sick. He encouraged the community to encourage their neighbors to come and attend the lessons, because the lessons have helped them in their day today life. He told them to everything they are taught into practice, because Kibo loves them so much. Diana thanked the chairman and the chairman for beautiful remarks. She went ahead to encourage the community never to get tired of Community Empowerment lessons, because they will be of benefit to them with their children. Diana asked them what they remember from the previous lessons, Ida who was one of the Kibo ambassadors responded that chores help. Children to develop their muscles, children learn to play with their fellow children, have children do work together, it is also a way of teaching children character development. Diana told the rest of the members to clap for her, as a way of thanking her for her participation. Diana told them they need to teach children to do so, so that they don’t end up becoming thieves or idlers instead the community. She told the parents not to tell their children that they are heirs, because this will make children want to kill them so that they inherit their property. She went on to teach them they should encourage their children to work for their own property. She went on to teach them that when giving children chores, you have be mindful of their age. For example age 2-3 years, their chores need to be basic, they can pass you clothes, pick them up or set up plates. At the age of 5 years, the children help to pt away plates, fetch water may be 3 liter jerrycan to try out, sweep the compound, but in a small portion. 8 years. At this age the children learn how to cook, fetch water, wash some of their clothes, go to the garden. The Bible in the book of proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child the way he should go, even when he grows, he will not depart from it” Therefore when you begin routine chores at your home, naturally there can be resistance especially while it’s still new. However don’t give up, they are fun when you make them manageable. The community was grateful for this lesson. It is from here that Ida Sam’s wife gave a testimony about teaching children chores early, she said that, she stayed with the brother’s daughter who used to see how she served her husband food, one day the child did the same, she knelt down and served her grand mother food. Ida then said that children imitate what they see. This was good to the community who promised to put everything they are taught into practice. 
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2021-05-24 - Purpose: To teach discipline in children
Program Success
Yes, the community loves the community empowerment lessons
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The community practices love in the family
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The hand washing facilities and the bore holes are doing well.
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The village is expected to mobilize people, come in big numbers, keep time and put on masks
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The staff needs to prepare lessons before going to the village

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19455 Diana in Bukudhumira teaching chores and responsibilities according to age group.