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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-05-21

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Personal Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community knows what good personal hygiene is and the importance of good personal hygiene.
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to Ikumbya where they were to teach on personal hygiene. Personal hygiene refers to the general cleanliness of our bodies. Lorna was here to sensitize and remind the community of good health habits. Overview On arrival , Lorna and Manuela were welcomed and told that they were going to meet at the school as they had also mobilized the school children for the same lesson. When they reached the school, the pupils welcomed them with singing and dancing which went on like for 15 minutes . After this Lorna and Manuela thanked them for the warm welcome and they went to the church where they were going to meet. Inside the church again they were welcomed with singing and dancing before the secretary drew the Agenda for the day. He went ahead and read the Agenda which started with an opening prayer, different people introducing themselves and the chairman giving a preview of who Kibo is and introducing Manuela and Lorna to the community. However as he went on Manuela wasn’t feeling too well and therefore she asked to be excused and she went on to the car to rest. After the chairman’s opening remarks, Lorna was welcomed to teach the lesson of the day. Lorna greeted both the students and the community members and thanked the headteacher for permitting them to have the meeting in their School. Lorna mentioned today was a great opportunity to have both the parents and the pupils in the same room. Lorna started by thanking the pupils for being in school and thanked the parents for meeting the needs of their children. She went on and told them that they are sowing into the future or rather investing into the future. She acknowledged that there are challenges involved but not to give up because they will reap from their efforts. She asked the pupils to work hard , respect their elders, be disciplined. She mentioned that both formal and informal education are necessary for everyone. Informal education is the kind one gets from home; greeting people, respecting elders, doing house chores and at school we put all this into practice and add on knowledge. Lorna urged the pupils to always help their parents at home. She asked them why they were in school; they responded they want to be teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen among others. Lorna mentioned to them all this they can become if they are disciplined, respect their elders, pray and work hard. She encouraged the parents to support their children in whatever way they can and befriend them and see to it that these dreams of theirs comes to pass. After that session, we went ahead and looked at good personal hygiene and what it entails. Lorna asked the question what is good personal hygiene. Wasswa a primary 6 pupil mentioned that it’s the general cleanliness of the body. Lorna asked they clap for him. She mentioned what does this even mean. They mentioned having a latrine , being clean on the body, bathing , washing clothes and our hands. Lorna thanked them for their responses and mentioned we were going to look at all that they mentioned in a much bigger picture and their importance. We looked at handwashing and we looked why it’s important for us to wash our hands as we saw that our hands are the greatest career of germs and if we don’t take care of our hand hygiene that is how we get sick. We demonstrated what good handwashing is and at what times we need to wash our hands and why we needed to wash our hands.We looked at the best way to wash our hands was with water and soap and the water has to be running and not wash from basins. We also looked at Oral hygiene and the importance of oral hygiene and which times we are to brush our teeth and why. we saw that if we do these small things we save ourselves a lot of money and time being spent sick without work or without going to school. We also looked at cloth hygiene where we saw that it is always good to change into clean clothes that the clothes we use in the garden should not be the ones we go to bed in. Lorna encouraged the parents to take their gender roles seriously and provide soap for proper washing of clothes.We looked at the need to wash and put on clean clothes both underwear and the clothes we put on. Having clean clothes gives the person confidence and prevents skin diseases . We also looked at not wearing wet or Dump clothes and here Lorna encouraged the parents to buy for their children underwear’s so they are comfortable and can study well. We looked at body hygiene , the importance of bathing well which was to remove bad smell, be presentable, fit among peers among others. Lorna encouraged that they build facilities which enable them bathe well and not those that your scared someone is going to see you, and so one bathes hurriedly and not well. Manuela later came in and taught the community on the values of Education. She asked the parents why they are educating their children and they mentioned so they have a good future and be able to also help them when they can no longer work for themselves. She added that when parents educate their children there will be less wrangles concerning land, the children have chances of getting good jobs that can earn them good money, they get to travel to different parts of the country, they gain respect from the community, they will not fight their parents concerning inheritance because they know better. Education is light as it opens doors to many opportunities. Because time had gone Manuela thanked the community of their time and mentioned that we will continue with this lesson on another visit. Challenges The headteacher asked Kibo for help concerning the school latrine which is at the verge of collapsing. They also asked for help for the school borehole which has been down for a while to be repaired since both the school and community are sharing the one that Kibo drilled. Conclusion We concluded by saying practicing good hygiene habits saves us a lot of money which would be spent in the hospital. It also saves us time where instead of being home sick or at hospital one would be going about their daily work and school. One community member stood up and thanked Manuela and Lorna for this lesson and mentioned “ kabiri kyongero” literally meaning please add us more. The headteacher, chairman were all happy and thanked Kibo through Manuela and Lorna for reminding them about these skills. The headteacher also added on what was taught that parents need to play their part when it came to taking care of their children . He even played one local song and asked the community to pick lessons from the song and from Kibo. After this they closed with an opening prayer and we left for Jinja. 
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2021-05-28 - Purpose: Teach values of education and bridge model
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Values of Education and Bridge model
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Good participation from participants
Other Program Observations
The sanitation is not worrying. They have managed to maintain their facilities, others building new structures while others need to smear and roof their kitchens.
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Mobilize themselves, come up in big numbers.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call the village prior , prepare notes to teach.

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19641 The lesson took place in the church together with pupils and parents of Ikumbya