Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kitukiro

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-05-31

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Alex Walyomu
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2021-06-01 07:42:38 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2021-06-01 10:07:25 UTC
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10:39-18:00 (7 h 21 m)
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12:55-16:02 (3 h 7 m)
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Household visits

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Follow up on sanitation facility construction 
Staff Attendees
Walyomu Alex 
Government Attendees
Alex had a very long day and he visited first , a goats farm located in Buyende district at a village called Butaasa, 10KM from Buyende district local government head quarters. His interest of going to this farm was to find out if the owner can be in position to supply goats to kibo villages through the Mvule community development program. The program right now is in the search of a suitable goats supplier that meets the requirements set in place. Alex arrived at Camp Jericho goats farm at about 12:55pm and was welcomed by the internal manager at the farm called Martin. This is a very big farm indeed specializing in three types of goats. The farm manager told Alex that currently the farm doesn’t have the typical local goats but have the crossed ones from Mubende and two other kinds. However he could not answer the other questions from Alex if they could have goats that fit Kibo’s budget and so he referred Alex to the director of the farm whom Alex will have to contact for more details. The farm has over 600 goats but also deals in growing of fruit trees and other plants. It lies on a piece of land covering 368 acres. Alex then drove to Kitukiro village to follow up on facility construction moving home to home. He was welcomed by the village leader Mr. Kaluya and his vice called Aspasa. We decided to move in the upper part of the village to check on the progress made. There were some homes that really improved from last time for example Jennifer’s home had all the facilities in his home and was well smeared being one of the cleanest home in the village. Many of the homes have greatly improved with many of them completing new pit latrines. Together they visited about 32 homes checking on all the facilities required in a home and guiding on standards. The dish rack construction is still low but the other facilities have greatly been worked upon in the homes visited. In Hamuza’s home there was open defecation in place and the kids that were met at home testified to Alex that they defecate at the back of the house in the open. Also in Isabirye Ziyadi’s home lacked a pit latrine , Alex with the sanitation committee saw piles of feaces at the back of his house. There were also many facilities like pit latrines that were incomplete lacking roofs and the people were encouraged to roof them to prevent their new structures from collapsing due to the rains. Micheal had completed a new pit latrine he never had before but was encouraged to roof it as soon as possible, James dug a pit of more than 30ft but also never had a roof and was being damaged by the rains. He was also encouraged to find ways to roof his pit latrine. Many of the homes visited look very clean because they are well smeared. The next meeting will be intended to have all the village members to conduct hand washing triggering and continue to call on all people to meet the required sanitation facilities. The sanitation committee and the village leaders having seen the areas that need more efforts, will embark on telling every household to meet the required sanitation standards and those practicing open defecation to speed up the pit latrine construction and end open defecation in their homes and in the whole village. 
Next Visit
2021-06-14 - Purpose: To conduct triggering in hand washing and continue encourage the village to meet the required sanitation facility standards.
Program Success
Many of the homes have greatly improved in Kitukiro village and the village sanitation committee led by the village chairman has put more efforts to those still lagging behind.
Program Critical Needs
The current borehole in the village is once again at the verge of breaking down because pumping this well to bring water is just very hard since it’s a low yielding well. Also two of the homes were seen still practicing open defecation
Program Ownership
The sanitation committee is still very active and ready to work and ensure that every household in the village meets all the required facilities.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The sanitation committee have been encouraged to follow up on those specific homes that are still practicing open defecation to step up their work in their homes completely because they are putting everyone at a great risk of acquiring diseases related to poor sanitation and hygiene.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the Sanitation committee and mobilize the village for a hand washing meeting and as well continue to emphasize on the sanitation and hygiene standards that the village needs to meet.

Report Photos

19797 This is Micheals’ new pit latrine in Kitukiro and was encouraged by Alex to roof his new pit latrine ASAP!
19800 A new dish rack at Jennifer’s home in Kitukiro. Jennifer has got one of the cleanest home in the village
19803 This is Jennifer’s home one of the cleanest in Kitukiro-Busumba zone
19806 This incomplete pit latrine for James in Kitukiro lacks a roof and was encouraged by Alex and the sanitation committee to start saving for iron sheets and may be helped through Kibo’s initiative.
19809 This new pit latrine belongs to Kaluya and was also encouraged to put a door. He dug up to 30ft
19812 Hamuza completed digging a pit about 20ft but has delayed to construct on it. His family also has no where to go and was encouraged to construct on it as soon as possible
19815 This collapsed pit latrine in Isabirye’s home where Alex and the team found many cases of open defecation.