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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-05-28

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Ikumbya Primary School 
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Personal Hygiene 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson community members know what good personal hygiene is and the values of Education
Introduction Manuela and Lorna went to Ikumbya village and here they cotaught continuing with their lesson on personal hygiene and a new topic values of Education. The lesson on personal hygiene is taught so that the community members learn that where there is good personal hygiene, there is reduction of diseases. Under values of Education parents know why they are educating their children and children why they are in School. Overview When we arrived we found some community members waiting for us and as soon as they saw us, they begun singing songs. At the meeting place we were again met with songs and dances from both the pupils and the parents. We started the meeting a little late as we awaited other community members to join us. The meeting later started with an opening prayer and then the chairman giving his remarks and then inviting Lorna and Manuela to teach them. Lorna started by greeting the community members and thanked them for coming to the meeting and mentioned that today she did not come alone but with a colleague and she asked Manuela to introduce herself. After the introductions, we started the days lesson. Lorna asked the community members to remind her what they talked about in the previous lesson and a few people said “buyondo” personal hygiene. We did a review concerning personal hygiene . We were also supposed to teach on menstrual hygiene but we decided to push it forward because the children present were a little underage for that and yet we wanted them to attend. We decided we will teach that next time. On oral hygiene, we looked at the importance of brushing and also Lorna mentioned that they should keep their toothbrushes always clean and dry and go ahead and at least buy a new one after every 3 months.Lorna called out few volunteers 3 to be exact gave them tooth brushes and asked them to demonstrate how they brush. They did fairly well and after that 2 teachers also added to the topic still demonstrating how to properly brush our teeth. Lorna thanked the 2 teachers and also asked the parents to teach their children these basics and go ahead and buy them toothbrushes. She added children learn from imitation therefore you cannot tell a child to maintain their hygiene when the parent is doing the opposite.After this Lorna called on Manuela to go ahead and teach on values of education. Manuela started by thanking the two teachers and then also went ahead and also went ahead to demonstrate how to properly brush our teeth and why. After that she went straight to values of Education where she encouraged the parents to Educate their children. She asked the parents why do they take their children to School and woman mentioned to get a good future. Manuela thanked her for her answer and mentioned that in another village, when she asked the same question ,one parent said because the school was nearby. She mentioned the advantages / need to educate their children like ; to-get a good job, to earn respect in the community, to travel to different places, it brings about independence where one does not have to rely on others for their basic needs, one gets to earn money to care for themselves and others. Manuela asked which parent will not be happy when their child brings them sugar, salt, soap, Gomesis?. She encouraged them to put interest in their child’s education and even go ahead and talk to the teachers to find out why their children are not performing well. She mentioned to help check their books and guide them even when they don’t know to be interested maybe ask the children to ask their friends in the same class. She mentioned where we are going it needs the children to be educated. She asked the parents to also feed their children and the teachers were happy as they chanted tell them. One teacher raised up his hand as said ask the parents if there is any that has not eaten and they laughed but when they ask them to provide for their children they cannot. Manuela asked that those who had one plot of land, go ahead and buy another one dig and get money to provide for their children, she told them her story her parents would pack her left over food and requested that the parents to do the same. She then asked the children why they were in school because some children still mention that they are in school because their parents forced them to go to school. The children mentioned to get a better future, to become teachers, doctors, pilots among others. She encouraged them to be disciplined and listen to both their parents and teachers. To read their books and avoid just loitering around the village when their parents think that actually their children are in School. There is going to school but there is also going to study . Going to school can just be to go and cause chaos, disturb others , be a problem to the teachers but there is going to study because there is something your aiming at. She urged them to go to school to study. Conclusion The assistant head teacher was very happy with Kibo and thanked Manuela and Lorna for these lessons. He mentioned that they are blessed to have two young women from Kibo teach them these things and asked the parents to put these things in practice. Another community member was also very grateful for the lesson urging the parents and children to put what they have been taught in practice . After the lesson we set off to Jinja. 
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2021-05-28 - Purpose: To teach menstrual hygiene together with the bridge model.
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Menstrual hygiene and management and bridge model
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