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Visit by lorna katagara on 2021-06-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members know what it entails for persons living with HIV to live longer. By the end of the lesson , the community members know who a discordant couple is
Introduction Lorna together with Manuela went to Mpumiro village to teach on discordant couples. Discordant couples is where one partner is living with HIV while the other is not.The purpose of this lesson is for the awareness of the community that it is first of all possible for couples for one to be positive while the other is negative and live happily. The community wanted to know how this works. Overview Manuela and Lorna arrived the village and found 4 men already sited and waiting for them. They were having an interesting conversation about the recent shootings of the former Minister or works Gen. Katatumba and the death of his driver and daughter. We passively listened to whatever was going on and we just mentioned that we hope the killers are found and charged. We were buying time as the community members kept coming. When they came, the meeting started with opening remarks from the chairman and then a word of prayer. After this, Lorna was invited to teach. Lorna greeted the community members and then mentioned that this day she did not come alone but brought a visitor and requested Manuela to introduce herself. Manuela introduced herself to the community and mentioned that we work together under the Life Skills program and that if they don’t see Lorna they will see her and vice versa. After this, Lorna started by asking the community members to remind themselves what it was they learnt about previously. Because time was far spent Lorna reminded them and as she was speaking, they remembered and kept putting up their hands . The review was on how can persons living with hiv live positively and longer , it was on HIV and behavior change. What behaviors did they need to drop or what they needed to do to live longer. One man mentioned that these persons need care and love in fact they should be treated like babies , whatever they ask they need to be given, not to be rude to them, abuse them, give them good beddings, clothes , counsel them so they don’t feel lonely and aftraud and turn to depression. We looked at ; eating in time, avoiding drinking too much alcohol, avoiding stressing situations, having enough rest, taking meds in time, going for check ups among others. After this, Lorna mentioned that previously they asked questions about discordant couples and gonorrhea whether when one is born with it , it can heal. Lorna mentioned that Manuela will be teaching us concerning these and she welcomed Manuela to teach them. Manuela greeted them again and since time was far spent also went ahead and started teaching the community members. She mentioned on the question of whether one who was born with Gonorrhea can heal, she went ahead and said no . She mentioned that they can go ahead and get treatment but it can’t heal. After that she went on to the discordant couples. She mentioned that this is where one person has HIV and the other did not have it. She mentioned that this however should be confirmed after carrying out all the necessary tests to rule out that one partner is negative. She mentioned there different ways that can lead to one partner being positive and the other not for example having multiple partners, giving birth at home, being born with it among others. She mentioned some people have a very strong immune system while others don’t. She mentioned that there different variants of HIV 1 and hiv 2 where most common is 1 . However for the discordant couples it’s mostly HIV 2. She mentioned such couples can live positively and happily and even go ahead and give birth to negative children . These children test positive at first because they have their mothers antibodies and are given syrups for 18months. She mentioned there is also a certain medicine that the negative couple is also given. Manuela also looked at risks for example if one was raped or was treating a patient and blood spilled or in an accident, she mentioned that in such scenarios, they need to go to the hospital where they will immediately be given PEP a treatment to avoid infection but it has a small window period of which delay can lead to permanent infection. One lady asked a question that she has a 2 children one always gets attacks and when it happens they cannot move she asked what that could be and Manuela told her to visit a bigger hospital. She mentioned the second one is disabled and it’s hard to always take him with her to the hospital for checkups and Manuela advised her to tell the medical personnel treating him the challenges so they can get to help them also get a body bodacious to bring the medicines, better still go get the treatment for him when she realizes the dose is almost done. Conclusion The chairman thanked Lorna and Manuela for such lessons and asked the community to put all these lessons and information to use. After this we gave the community members salt and they were very grateful. We thanked them for coming and wished them well and asked them to keep time in the next lesson and come along with other community members. 
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2021-08-11 - Purpose: To meet the commitee members on a way forward concerning the Life Skills program during this covid time
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19956 Lorna was carrying out a review of the previous lesson.
19959 Manuela answering the communities questions on discordant couples living with HIV
19968 We were also able to give the community members salt as an incentive for attending the meetings