Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-06-02

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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commitee formation 
Chris visited buyange village to continue engaging with the community group members as they enact their bylaws that will help to govern their community , the bylaws will also help to regulate the community meetings and how members conduct themselves during meetings. These bylaws also help to outline how one becomes a member of a group so the whole process entirely depends on the community members’ opinions thats why chris had to be patient with the members that is the reason he had to make a second trip to make sure every member’s opinion is heard, it is important to discuss with the community members about the importance of having bylaws during meetings but it is even more important to meet individual members at their homes to try to relate these bylaws to the way they take care of their families in order to make them understand why they need the bylaws therefore when chris reached the community, he first visited Mr Hamidu’s home, chris was escorted by the area VHT Mr Hakim, chris got Mr Hamidu attending to his cows but he had to abandon them to attend to his visitors, Mr hamidu is on of the members who have much land and therefore decided to plant more trees on it, when chris asked how he understands bylaws, mr hamidu said he understands bylaws by how he has managed to keep his four daughters safe at home espcially when schools ar closed and there is an increase in teenage pregnancy in his community however mr hamidu said he put in place bylaws at home to prevent his daughters from being victims, mr hamidu said he gave each daughter two trees each which they have to irrigate in the morning and afternoon, he said this has helped him keep them at home for fear of their trees getting dry, another bylaw that mr hamidu uses at his home is he told his daughters to always introduce their friends to him so that he can know them, he said this bylaw has made his daughters trust him with their friends, chris thanked him for loving his daughters and encouraged him to teach his neighbors to love their children too. Chris proceded to the meeting venue where he found 21 members seated, the chairperson mrs Kasoga Norah welcomed chris and every member to the meeting, stated to the community members that th day’s agenda was about enacting the group bylaws, she said th bylaws will steer their group towards dvelopment however the chairprson said this can only be possible if members will adhere to their bylaws, Mrs Kasoga said mmbers need to be guided when to have meetings, the time for meetings and the venue for the meetings, she said members should also regulate the exit and entrance for new and old members to the group, the chairperson also said members should also find a way regulating the members who dont show up for meetings, she said this has been going on without a bylaw to curb it however she thanked chris fir guiding them ti mak their bylaws. The community group members all resolved to have the following bylaws; The time of meeting will be 12:00pm so they requested chris to be there at 11:00am. The day of meeting will be wednesday except if there is an emergency in the community. The venue of the meeting will be at buyange at mwalimu’s home. New members should atleast plant one or two trees to qualify to be a member of the group. If anyone misses three or four meetings in a row , he/she will have to plant three trees or the next meeting will seat at their home or both. Chris thanked the members for showing up and for enacting their bylaws however chris encouraged them to follow and get committed to the bylaws , chris will visit buyange to meet the community members and discuss how they will use the bylaws to govern their community as well as during conflict management in homes and community. Chris did not pass by nawaibete village on his way back because th community had lost a members and everyone was at the burrial, he scheduled the meeting for next week. 
Next Visit
2021-06-09 - Purpose: To meet the community members and discuss how they will use the bylaws to govern their community as well as during conflict management in homes and community.
Program Success
Yes, the community group members enacted their bylaws to govern their meetings and community at large before they can come up with their constitution.
Program Critical Needs
Visiting all the group members’ homes to know how they live.
Program Ownership
When the group members heard chris was on his way, they mobilized every member for the meeting and every member made sure they give their opinion and finally came up with their bylaws.
Other Program Observations
The hygiene at the kibo borehole has been maintained.
Program Expected Of Village
To prepare and mobilize for the next meeting
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To phone call the comittee leaders to mobilize for the next community meeting.

Report Photos

19971 Buyange village, In the photo above , chris emphasizes a point during the discussions to enact the community bylawsto help govern the community group before they come up with their constitution.
19974 Buyange village , chris listens listens as the group members give their opinions during the enacting of their bylaws. The members finally came up with their bylaws.
19977 Buyange village, chris poses with the family of mr haruna, haruna is one of the members of the group who have planted many trees in their arear and it is from the trees where haruna is getting the money to send his children to school, chris was at his home to encourage him also tell him to be an example to the rest of the community members.
19980 Buyange village ,Mr Haruna gives a jack fruit to chris as an appreciation for visiting his home.