Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-04-09

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-04-10 10:15:49 UTC
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2018-04-13 05:38:22 UTC
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This village has had Mvule program, CEP, water Rehab. 

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Walyomu Alex 
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DWO,District Health Inspector 
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Alex went to kamuli district head quarters to meet the district water officer and learn the position of the government providing safe water to Naibowa village. It’s very important that both Kibo and the government agree on one thing of who can provide water to a community at a given time to avoid doing the same service to the same community. Kibo is planning to help Naibowa village with clean water as this was requested by the village and also found out by a Kibo staff, Ida who is currently working in this village. Alex met with Mr Waiswa Tom the district water engineer and he first thanked Kibo for the support of 3 boreholes in the district that are truly helping many people in Ndhalike, Busota and Bunhena villages. Together they shared about the current district water coverage which he mentioned to Alex that it was standing at 76% with a lot of issues as most boreholes always breakdown for along time just because many organizations and the government does not spend much time preparing the communities on borehole ownership. He thanked Kibo that puts in a lot of time to teach communities and encourage them on borehole contributions and maintainence. All the 3 Kibo boreholes are working. Alex then asked him of the plans that the district has for Naibowa village and he told him that the village requested the district last year but because of financial constraints, they had not yet considered them and this means that Kibo can now help Naibowa.He shared with him that only one development partner in the sector of water, an NGO called Plan International was very much putting its resources in organizing and training of the water committees and hygiene and sanitation. This organization worked in this village using its CLTS approach and this means Kibo will go in to evaluate the village and get a way forward. Alex then told the water officer that Kibo will look into helping this community after he requested that Kibo can go ahead to help this community because the need is indeed very high. Alex then went to Butansi sub-county and he told them about the plans that Kibo is intending to carry out in Naibowa village, Bubada zone of partnering with them to get clean water. They were very happy too for the support coming from Kibo group. The Kibo staff will go to Naibowa village to meet with the leaders and mobilize them for the baseline survey expected this month. 
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