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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-09-01

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, community members will be able to understand the communication styles of Attack and Avoid
Lorna went to this village to continue with the topic on communication Skills. It had just stopped raining so community members were still digging and even the children came late to the meeting. Also the nearby community had lost 2 community members and others had gone to the funeral hence the late coming. The meeting opened with a word of prayer, introductions after which we welcomed Nabirye who was to take the village members through the previous lesson as discussed before in the previous meeting. A few people remembered the lesson who in turn reminded others who were not present on that day. After the review Lorna thanked Nabirye for being the teacher of the day and, asked the community members to go ahead and clap for her. Lorna then introduced the topic of the day importance of communication, barriers to communication and the communication styles. Some of the importance of communication were to resolve conflicts, promotes friendship, discourages conflicts, promotes understanding, respect and love among others. Some of the barriers of communication we looked at were ; time , Anger, distance, network , age, language barrier,among others. We then looked at the communication styles of Attack and Avoid under Attack we had characters like; Always shouting at the top of ones voice, loves to revenge, pointing fingures, is always the right one , does not care for other peoples feelings but only theirs, makes the decisions alone among others. We also looked at the characters of avoid style of communication like; This person goes with the flow of others what others say is what they will go with that is, they barely have an opinion of their own, another character was backbiting they love rumors instead of seeking out the truth, they are nagging, pretend everything is okay yet it’s not, taking it out on the wrong person, nagging , withdrawal, postponing matters among others. Community members gave several examples under both styles giving live examples in their homes. Namaganda gave an example of her dad who up to now was very uptight that growing up they were too afraid of him that they barely had conversations or good communication. She asked community members especially fathers to be friendly with their children which will make them Free to open up to them. On Avoid style one of the characteristics being pretending everything was okay, Lorna asked that it never solves anything matter of fact it gets worse and could lead to domestic violence or worse and therefore encouraged the community members to always find time to talk/ communicate. Lorna quoted scripture and mentioned that Scripture tells us not to go to bed angry therefore she urged the community members to always find the appropriate time to air out their issues. She encouraged women to be creative about creating space to air out their issues and resist from communicating in an attacking way. We concluded that certain things need to be put into consideration for good communication to happen, in homes the parents should not take sides but rather aim at bringing the family together through reconciliation by having those regular communications, knowing who is as an attacker or avoider and how to apply and not to apply these in our day today communications. When we know which style of communicator we are, we are able to communicate well with others ...Next week we will be looking at communication behaviors of Assertive, Aggressive and Passive. 
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2021-09-15 - Purpose: Lorna will teach on communication behaviors of Assertiveness, passiveness Aggressiveness.
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20847 The community is not very concerned about Covid but Lorna encouraged them to remember covid is still at hand and reminded them on sops.
20853 Namaganda contributing to the topic of the day