Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Kirwanire

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2021-09-06

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Harriet Kefeza
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2021-09-07 05:17:33 UTC
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Harriet Kefeza
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2021-09-07 06:47:21 UTC
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09:30-18:49 (9 h 19 m)
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12:08-16:20 (4 h 12 m)
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5 h 7 m

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building lessons,follow up smearing 
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Harriet Kefeza 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet made a surprise visit to follow up on smearing progress and grass chopping in preparation for stove building. She reached in the village un expectedly and started walking home to home to see whether participants have smeared their home facilities. She walked over 26 homes and found when some participants have started smearing their home facilities. She also observed that the participants were only concentrating on smearing the outside part of the kitchen. She encouraged them to smear the entire kitchen and other facilities in order to look neat before they get stoves in their kitchens. Also some kitchens were not roofed properly which would wash a way the smeared dirt, Harriet encouraged the women to talk to their husbands to roof the kitchens to prevent them from littering.she also advised them to put enough verandahs on their kitchen to prevent windy rain that may spoil the kitchen walls. The participants thanked Harriet for the encouragement and they promised to work on the weak areas and to encourage each other to improve. She also looked at the grass that the community has so far chopped , interestingly the community has so far chopped two bags of grass which can be used to build stoves. Harriet encouraged them to continue chopping more grass that will be used to build more stoves in their village because the goal of the program is to ensure that every one in the community gets a stove to avoid challenges caused by the traditional three stones fire. 
Next Visit
2021-09-08 - Purpose: To build the first demonstration stove in the village.
Program Success
Some participants have smeared their home facilities.
Program Critical Needs
Need for stoves because most people cook on open flames which is harmful for their healthy.
Program Ownership
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been improved.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize each other to participate to attend the next lesson.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Call the program community leaders for further mobilization and prepare the next lesson.

Report Photos

20934 Kirwanire village. Kibo staff Harriet looking at the grass that the community has chopped so far in preparation of stoves.
20937 Kirwanire village. During the home visits Harriet came a cross this child who was cooking food on the traditional three stones fire which is dangerous to her healthy.
20940 Kirwanire village. During the home to home inspection Harriet kitchen that was smeared but rain has started spoiling because it was not roofed well. Harriet talked the owner to roof the kitchen before she gets a stove to avoid the stove being destroyed by rain. She also encouraged her also to smear the walls inside the kitchen so that it can look neat both inside and outside.