Health Education - Igerera B

Visit by marianamukose on 2021-09-10

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Igerera B, Maria went to this village to do a door to door evaluation. Maria reached when the VHT and the LC1 had not yet come on the venue we agreed to meet, after they came and they started moving around the village, checking on the general hygiene of the community members most especially those who have been attending the health education lessons, observing pregnant mothers and encouraging them to go for antenatal care and to have a balanced diet on at least every meal they get, and the general health lifestyle of the community. Sarah one of the pregnant mother was found in her home after garden and Maria encouraged her to visit hospital after the many complains she was having. The general hygiene of the community is good as compared to the early or first observations, this has come as a result of the many lessons that we have taught in this village. After Maria encouraged the VHT together with the LC1 to always ensure that people put what they learnt from the health education lessons into action or practice. 
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Health Education 
Lesson Use Examples
Community members promised to keep the hygiene of their community good 
Next Visit
2021-09-20 - Purpose: Measles , chicken pox and also to give concluding remarks as the health education program in this village.
Program Success
Women have embraced the use of artificial family planning
Program Critical Needs
There is still need to encourage community members to keep their hygiene good
Program Ownership
In Igerera B’ mothers have embraced visiting hospitals for antenatal care
Other Program Observations
Most homes are using healthy stoves that was built by the HSK program
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilizers to mobilize the community members for the next health lesson
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To prepare the next lesson and call the mobilizers to mobilize the village for the next lesson

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21135 Igerera B, Maria during a door to door evaluation, encouraging a teenager about abstinence
21138 Igerera B, Maria was encouraging a mother to go to hospital for antenatal care and postnatal care
21150 Igerera B, Maria encouraging Naigaga on personal hygiene.