Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kamudoke

Visit by kenethmugoda on 2021-09-10

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2021-09-14 09:41:53 UTC
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2021-09-14 10:28:37 UTC
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09:21-05:23 (-4 h 2 m)
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Household visits

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Continous guidance and encouragement on standards 
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Keneth made a visit to kamudoke village to continue encouraging and guiding on standards of hand washing stands. Keneth made home to home visits with chairman lc 1 of kamudoke village mr Steven and most of the community members were not in their homes as they were still in their garden but managed to visit a few homes where residents were present. Keneth guided mr kawowo asuman about his latrine that he used to use before shifting to the newly built facility,to demolish the old existing facilities as they were dangerous to their lives since he had laid the superstructure directly on the pit and irregular squat hole that could not fit kids under 5. So far they were 8 new stands in the village constructed by community residents and continued visiting homes that had not yet built encouraging them do so and guiding them on other homestead ideal facilities like rubish pits,racks,shower facilities and general sanitation. During the walks ,keneth visited kampi kasifa a nurse in kamudoke village who appreciated the works of Kibo in the community as she witnessed the good work that was done in her real community called butamoga, she promised to use the same information from butamoga.village to talk to her clients who visit her clinic and transform the kamudoke community. He further visited a resident who had stoves in her kitchen and this gave an impression that Kibo safe kitchens program will be of ease in the village since some residents have interest and passion . 
Next Visit
2021-09-13 - Purpose: Sanitation improvement on home ideal facilities and continue encouraging and guiding on standards of the hand washing stand.
Program Success
Yes, New facilities like latrine pits are being dug,this shows a positive impact on the local residents and the community at whole.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
Community members’ involvement and participation in construction of hand washing stands
Other Program Observations
During the walks ,a few homes already have some clue on how to build sanitary stoves in their kitchens and this really gives a positive attitude and passion and ease of work when healthy and safety kitchens program kick off in this village
Program Expected Of Village
Continue raising standard models of the hand washing stand facilities
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Make calls and plan to visit check on new stands raised

Report Photos

21141 Mr bagaga clement positively working on his new dug pit to lay lining on the sides of the pit for a firm and sustainable slab
21144 Some residents are eager to learn and have passion for the safe kitchens program and this will be of ease in this village since some members have the interest
21147 Mr kawowo asumani had aseries of undesirable and hazardous facilities that he used to go in and due to Kibo wash program in this village and its teachings was able to construct a reliable and sustainable latrine facility