Health Education - Nawandyo A

Visit by marianamukose on 2021-09-17

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene and Maria went to Nawandyo A to teach about Maternal, infant, & child health and gender role in MCH The chairman thanked everyone for coming and also asked them to be coming early so that we can finish our lesson in time, then a prayer was made by one of the participants thereafter the chairperson invited Maria to speak to the members. Maria thanked everyone for coming and then a review was made for the last lesson which was accessing health services, members discussed their points together with Maria in short then she gave them a task to come back with at least 2 people in the next lesson, then Irene was invited. Irene started by reintroducing herself to the community members then she introduced the lesson as Maternal, infant& child health and gender role in The discussion started by defining the topic Maternal, infant & child health and gender roles in MCH then the causes, and how to avoid maternal and child deaths. Saida shared with us what some women do during pregnancy and child birth; some sit in traditional herbs and they are convinced that they will have a normal delivery at home with out visiting hospital Women in the lesson promised to visit the nearest hospital for antenatal care and guidance, also tell and help any community member to visit the hospital. And the men who attended the lesson promised to give support to their wives during pregnancy and after birth. The sectary for Kibo group Mr Ndalike thanked Kibo so much and all the members for coming then he closed with a word of prayer. 
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Health Education 
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2021-10-01 - Purpose: To teach about the benefits of postnatal care and post abortion care.
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To mobilize the community members to come for next health lesson.
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To prepare the next lesson and also call the village mobilizers to mobilize the community members.

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21423 Nawandyo A, The chairperson welcoming members and encouraging them to keep time.
21426 Nawandyo A, Justine the village VHT clarifying on some of the causes of low hospital turn up of mothers in her village.
21429 Nawandyo A, Maria welcoming members and also reviewing the previous lesson.