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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-09-20

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Lesson Taught
Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS,The Immune System,How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted,HIV/STDs Prevention,Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour,Cure or Treatment,HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, community members know what human rights are and also the rights of persons living with Hiv/AIDS
Lorna was in Naibowa where she taught on Rights of Persons living with HIV/AIDS. The meeting was started with an opening Prayer and thereafter welcome remarks from the chairman , followed by a teaching session from one of the community VHTs, a review and then Kibo staff. Muyodi a VHt in the village asked for a few minutes to teach on a certain kind of sanitary towel that is used to detect UTIs and Sexually Transmitted infections. He demonstrated both by using the Airriz sanitary towels and asked for an ordinary pad which Lorna gave him. He went ahead and demonstrated with 2 cups of water pouring into each pad and he was able to teach the differences between the two one being Airriz is more air rated, has more absorption compared to the Always sanitary towel. It also contains a kit that is used to detect if one has an infection. It was quite interesting and he mentioned it goes for 20,000/= a pack.After this lesson the community appreciated him and then Ishmael who is a teacher at the primary school took the community through the previous topic which was on HIV and Behavior change. Here we looked at different behaviors persons with HIV need to adapt or change to live a positive healthy life. We also looked at those behaviors that were among us giving various examples like Alcoholism, being promiscuous and how they managed to get out of these behaviors. One of the ways Wilber overcame drinking Alcohol was to change his friends who were Alcoholics . He encouraged the rest of the community members that one of the ways to change a bad behaviour is to get rid of those circle of friends or the environment one is in. Another woman mentioned to always accustom yourself with friends that build you up. Lorna too agreed with this point that even our children to always get friends who will build or add onto them than mislead them. On the topic of the day, we looked at HIV and Human rights . Lorna started by asking the community members what they understand by human rights?. They mentioned feeling secure, accessibility to services, freedom of association, education, among others. They related it to freedom where they also mentioned examples like freedom to marry , freedom to do what they want , to go to the hospital and get the same treatment as anyone else. Lorna asked what does it feel like when ones right is overlooked and mukyala Farouk put up her hand. She said she went to the hospital paid her money for treatment however when another couple came they chased her away and worked instead on the other person. She felt like her right was abused. After here Lorna asked to look at the rights of persons living with HIV do they have the same rights as those living without HIV?, they said yes. We looked at examples like a right to marry but they said to marry the same person with the same status. Lorna asked don’t they have a right to choose whom to marry ?, some said yes while others said no. They said they should marry of the same status, others were right to education where Ismail added that some parents have children with both HIV and those without HIV and added that some parents go ahead and put those without HIV in better Schools and those with HIV in other not so good schools. He asked parents to treat their children equally. He gave an example of a certain family with the same scenario and added that he doesn’t even know if the child will live long. Lorna will visit this home soon. We looked at other rights like rights to get a job, right to participate in politics among others. We saw other scenarios where people are denied jobs because of their statuses . Lorna mentioned rights to live in a proper roofed house, clean beddings, good food, freedom to associate with others etc Lorna then asked the community can denial of these rights affect people living with HIV from declaring their status ?, they said yes it can. Lorna concluded by saying that when we deny persons living with HIV their rights , it affects many of them coming out to declare their status or to even go get tested to know their status or even affect them from getting their treatment for fear of stigma. We then carried out an end of topic Assesment and even though time had gone the review went well and one could tell the topic was understood. 
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2021-09-27 - Purpose: Lorna plans to take some community members from the lower section to teach those in Busuyi on the topic of HIV . The next topic in Naibowa will be Relationship Skills.
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21444 Muyodi requested you teach the community on a certain kind of sanitary towel that detects Sexually transmitted diseases. It was an interesting kind that goes for 20,000/= Ug shillings each. Has good absorption and aeration ... it causes inflammation immediately it detects an infection.
21447 Pastor Wilber contributing to the topic of the day of Human rights of persons living with HIV
21450 Mukyala commenting on the topic of the day